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Bluetick Consultants Shows A Significant Growth In Sports Betting Niche

Bluetick Consultants Shows A Significant Growth In Sports Betting Niche

Sports betting market in India is growing rapidly majorly promoted by Bluetick Consultants



Indore, India : With the growth of digital infrastructure and wireless internet connectivity, the sports betting market has shown tremendous growth. After Pandemic, online betting has witnessed an extraordinary jump globally, India contributes its part significantly.


Bluetick Consultants is popularly known for its extraordinary digital campaigns for various websites, one of them is sports betting websites nationwide. These websites have become extremely popular amongst sports lovers in India. The major reason for its popularity is easy accessibility to online betting. In India, it is estimated that 140 million people bet on their favorite sport on a regular basis and the number is growing day by day.


The sports betting websites that are available easily to Indians are FSL11, CBTF and many more. “We have been promoting different sports betting companies all over the nation and allowing sports related activities to reach out to people in every part of the country”, said Saloni Tapdiya, CEO and Co Founder, Bluetick Consultants. The sports betting market was led by the online market segment dominating explicitly to an extent that the CAGR rose to 12.6 % around the globe and India contributing significantly. This sudden growth can be credited to increased use of technology, smart phone, internet and thereby increasing their traffic by Bluetick Consultants promotional techniques.


The major players in the sports betting market outsource their marketing campaigns, and here enters Bluetick Consultants that develops sports betting websites as per the requirements of sports betting companies by creating engaging content to attract sports lovers. They offer paid backlinks, use popular keyword rankings for increasing website traffic.


The websites are formed using integrated technology to provide simplified user interface and increased functionalities overall. “It is about promoting sports betting applications globally and attracting prospects by providing accurate information about the betting sites, ranking them higher in search engine result pages, and creating loyalty that aids customer interaction”, said Shivang Bakliwal, CEO and Founder, Bluetick Consultants.


Bluetick Consultants use affiliate marketing, email marketing, loyalty programs and referral programs to promote the advantages of sports related activities on them. Looking at the positive feedback and accurate information about sports betting on the internet, the user downloads the sports betting app and interacts with them.


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India’s first data-driven storytellers, Bluetick Consultants is a digital marketing company with offices across Indore, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai. Using tools like data-driven analytics, AI, AR and a great sense of humor, at Bluetick Consultants it’s all about getting you that BlueTick Consultants from your customers and audiences online.


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