Celebrity Hairdresser Priscilla Corner shares her presence and expertise in hair trends

Priscilla Corner

Look beautiful, make your hair shiny and attract fashion is a common thing in today’s time. There will be hardly anyone who does not have an attachment to his hair and does not want to give a new look to her hair. Women, girls, are often very passionate about your hair and are crazy about the advantage of a new look on every special occasion. Everyone is aware of the growing demand and growth of the hair industry, and it is creating a new opportunity in India, thereby boosting employment.

On social media, you’ve probably seen India’s top hairstylists, hairdressers, and hair trend experts. One of them is Priscilla Corner, who has given her role in the hair industry and is today recognized as an Indian hairstylist, hairdresser, and beauty guru. On 23rd February 1962, Priscilla Corner was born in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, and today she is regarded as one of the best hair stylists in Kolkata.

Taking care of hair, giving it a unique look, making it according to fashion, is not an easy task, although experts are there for it. If you’re looking for hairstylists or new hair trends in Kolkata, you can’t miss Priscilla Corner, director of June Tomkyns & June Tomkyns Silver Spring.

We often admire the hairstyles of heroines, actresses, and celebrities in movies and want to emulate them. Priscilla Corner is your go-to celebrity hairstylist if you are serious about choosing a hairstyle that will complement your look as well as take care of your hair. She converted her passion into entrepreneurship and today is leading her life as a famous celebrity beauty artist and hair artist.

In an interview with Mid-Day, she described her experience and dedication to work, as well as her enthusiasm for the job, “Only my hard work could explain why I got my position after years of struggle”. Today Priscilla has enamored her image with a brand value at India level, thereby giving new wings to her business. And it is also happy that seeing them, others are inspired by them and hope to become like them. The salon is regarded as one of the best luxury hair salons in Kolkata, according to many online news sites.

Due to the pandemic like covid, some of the businesses that have created a valuable niche with their strength is the hair industry, which gave new opportunities to the freelancer. Priscilla Corner has been running Kolkata’s best hair salon brand for years while maintaining her presence in society. She is known for her systematic work, passion, and self-confidence, along with many awards for gracefully carrying out her role.

Her popularity has spread not only to Kolkata but also to India, and she is known as one of the best hairstylists in Kolkata. While there are many hair specialists in Kolkata, but their family has been in the hair industry for decades and takes pride in it as a passion, not a business. In today’s world, millions of people follow them online and take tips for hair care from their social media & Instagram pages. Priscilla corner means hair specialist, as can be detected by Google’s search, and that is enough to express her presence.

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