CEO of CryptoBiz Exchange Rahul Rathod Talks about the Relevance of Crypto amid speculations regarding regulating the market


This era has seen an increase in the level of awareness surrounding cryptocurrency, particularly in India, where people are becoming more knowledgeable on the notion of crypto mining and resultant trading. We all are aware of the fact that Cryptocurrency is at a growth surge. Its importance and relevance are increasing day by day. People have started to actively participate in the process. Rahul Rathod is an active participant in the crypto market.

Rahul Rathod is the CEO of CryptoBiz Exchange. He began his journey as a Blockchain consultant but then went on to become a Market Research Analyst and Investor in the Cryptocurrency space. He aims to spread the idea of accepting and using cryptocurrency to trade and invest capital. Rahul guarantees that the process of cryptocurrency trading is facilitated on his platform to make it simple for even a novice trader in India to unlock the potential of having an understanding of this highly volatile currency.

Rahul envisions India as a gateway for prospective market participants to harness the benefits of crypto trading to build a bigger market. He is powered to alter and transform the discussion on cryptocurrency trading in the country and is devoted to directing fresh entrants in this Blockchain market. Unlike other financial transactions that have raised funds from international investors, Rahul has developed a product that was genuinely established by an in-house team without sacrificing quality and performance. He aspires to ensure that India does not continue to stay a ‘premium’ economy with overpriced assets. The assets are sold at a low premium, here, at CryptoBiz Exchange. He states that they are one step closer to establishing a stable and fair market that will benefit everyone.

Amid speculations surrounding the regulatory framework being brought into discussion, Mr. Rahul Rathod has extended his support to the concerned authorities into making cryptocurrency trading a safer and organised activity for Indian traders. He expressed his concerns into the issues in dealing with the Mining Companies owing to the uncertainty in the market.

Rahul Rathod says that he has always been ready to take an active part in the process of governing laws or helping the government understand how the laws will impact the crypto market in the country. He assures us that he will continue to stand by the government and the people who want to start crypto trading. He says that crypto trading will play a vital role in the development of our economy and that banning it will only push us to the bottom. While other countries are moving forward and accepting the importance and influence of the crypto market, we will stay behind if we do not take any action now. He says that he is ready to assist in any possible manner to make the government and people accept cryptocurrency wholeheartedly.

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