Changing the game of digital art, 3D artist Kaiwan Shaban raises the bar for other budding talents

Kaiwan Shaban

His creative expressions exude through his 3D art, which has brought him to the industry’s forefront.

When people speak about the excellence certain individuals and professionals attain in their respective industries, they particularly mention about the successes that young minds and creative talents attain in those fields. All of us across the world are aware of the astounding skills and natural talents that youngsters thrive on. These individuals have been able to create milestones in their industries essentially for their resilience, their astute choices, and their ability to make the most of the opportunities. Kaiwan Shaban serves as one of the finest examples of such young talented beings, who has exceeded limits in the world of 3D art as a modern-day 3D artist.

Coming from a small town of Akre in the Kurdistan region and going ahead in earning a name all by himself as a self-made success story had Kaiwan Shaban see many ups and downs. But did he ever give up? Absolutely not. In the wake of such situations, Kaiwan Shaban only chose to keep walking his path and listen to what his heart sought. He firmly believes that because he respected what his gut and instincts told him, he could go ahead in fulfilling his dreams of making it huge in the world of digital art as a 3D artist.

At only 22 years of age today, he has raised the bar for others as a visual artist, and his creative expressions exude much through his 3D art, which yet again proves his potential to become a big name in the industry in the coming years. What has turned more heads towards him is his experience of also working as an internationally published photographer and filmmaker. He had begun his career in digital art, and then along the journey, he had dipped his hands in photography and even attained massive success.

The pandemic too couldn’t act as a roadblock in his growing career and making the most of the opportunities; Kaiwan Shaban decided to go back to his roots, taught himself 3D art, and for creating incredible artwork also utilized his experience and background in cinema. Today, his art has a language of its own, which proves his mettle in the industry as a young visual artist having the capability and ability to invoke strong feelings in the art viewer with his unique artworks.

He has built a robust following for himself across social media platforms, which is proof enough of his growing popularity in the industry. To find out more, do follow him on Instagram @itskaiwan.

By TIS Staffer
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