“Crossing roadblocks paves the way towards excellence”, says Mohit Kumar

Mohit KumarMohit Kumar

In his four years of engineering, 21-year-old Mohit Kumar, founder of MK App Creatives Private Limited, launched 6 startups. In the long summer breaks of Chandigarh University, he didn’t allow himself the luxury of “chilling out”, as it is typical for students on holiday. Instead, he would hatch a new business idea, develop it, and even launch the product.

Mr Mohit Kumar is a 21 year old entrepreneur who is a true inspiration to the whole nation. He started his venture at a tender age of 14 and now has established an entire empire for the betterment of the nation. 

About 5 years ago when Mohit Kumar laid the foundation of MK App Creatives Pvt. Ltd, then he was only 15 years old, and then he himself did not know that he had become India’s smallest CEO. And he did this work, not sitting in a luxury office, but sitting in a small house in Bhiwani. Today (MK App Creatives Pvt. Ltd) is a multinational company and its operations are spread across India, USA, UK, Spain, Australia, etc.  At the age of only 20, when most people are engaged in completing their studies. Then Mohit Kumar has achieved these achievements.

And then as the semester resumed, he would lose himself in academics and the fledgling company would just lie there, in cold storage. From these 6 startups, he learnt that a product needs strong marketing as well. So, he started taking an interest in marketing and consumer analytics. He spent almost 8 Months coding the product, but that too like his initial products, didn’t take off. 

“It had too many features. I had developed it from an engineer’s perspective, but its primary users, marketers, didn’t understand it,” he shares. He scrapped the entire package and started developing afresh on a programme that focused on only one feature — A/B testing. 

By November 2020, MK App Creatives Private Limited  was already a $1-million company. It had fetched a 1,000-plus clients such as GE, Disney, Red Cross and Bharat Matrimony. That time, it was a team of 1024 people only. The focus on the initial years was primarily on product development and customer support. One of the major innovations Mohit made was RoadPulse Software. In this software, there will be no more accidents due to the reckless behaviour of people and also prevents people who have consumed alcohol beyond the permitted rate of 0.08% from driving. As soon as the person touches the steering the moisture in his hand will alert the sensors and he won’t be able to start the car. Also, his breath will trigger the sensors if he has consumed alcohol.In this software, Mohit has used the latest technology artificial intelligence and machine learning, the specialty of this software is that if you do not put a seat belt, then your car will not start, alcoholism is a major cause of road accidents and deaths. The reason remains, to prevent this, Mohit has created such a technology that the car will automatically tell itself whether you have drunk alcohol or not, as soon as you sit in the car, Mohit has researched it. If your alcohol intake is above the legal limit of 0.08 percent then the engine of the car will not start and it will be detected when the driver sits on the seat and touches the steering, then the software automatically senses whether this man has drunk alcohol or not. . Nowadays people do not use the indicator to take U-turn and right-bye, due to which the vehicles collide with each other, so that many people are lost.

Simultaneously, Mohit Kumar  honored with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2021 in Delhi. Bollywood actress Manidra Bedi will be the chief guest of the award ceremony. This award will be given to Mohit Kumar for his significant role and contribution in his startups and technology sector.

Mohit has contributed significantly to the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This award will be given by the India Excellence Award Magazine, which is the best business magazine in the country.

Mohit, 20, has 24 patents and 6 startups. Mohit Kumar is also the founder and CEO of MK App Creative Private Limited. Mohit considers today’s younger generation to be his inspiration.

Mohit said that he has got a huge opportunity to be honored on such a big stage. It is a long journey from where I started and it would not have been possible without the efforts and hard work of my parents and my teachers.Mohit said that the real hero of my life is my parents who worked day and night to make me fit for this. I would like to dedicate this award to all entrepreneurs who have a vision to develop this country.

Everyone wants to make their name, but very few people can bear the risk behind doing something better.

In 2021, it got an acquisition offer from one of the top 10 software companies in the world. “It offered us millions of dollars in double digits.

They closed FY19-20 with revenues of Rs 50 crore. The company is focusing on tapping the US market, so this year in February, it opened its first outside office in the US. And now, it is also planning to open its second office in Europe. It also wants to go upmarket and focus more on large companies since till now 80 per cent of its customers are from the small and medium enterprise.

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