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Dhruv Kapoor, Member of the Telephone Advisory Committee, Ministry of Communications, Government of India, proves the sum of small efforts move mountains

Dhruv Kapoor

“The ladder of success is never crowded at the top” means “there is always room at the top” for someone who is talented and worked diligently, there is constantly a possibility to join the viable elite at the top, regardless of how crowded the field is at the bottom. Life’s journey is not an easy one, and it becomes even more difficult if you strive to achieve success in what you do. When times are tough, dreams seem impossible, and conditions are unfavourable, your belief in yourself and your ability to achieve goals is what comes to your rescue. When you start believing in yourself, you work harder, more passionately, and enthusiastically. The programming in your mind that your efforts will bear fruit and you will succeed puts you in high gear, nothing can slow you down or prevent you from reaching your goal. One such example who has recently proven it is the newly appointed Member of the Telephone Advisory Committee, Dhruv Kapoor. 

Dhruv Kapoor has been given this extraordinary responsibility because of his sheer hard work, in-depth knowledge of the Telecommunication sector and his dedication to the nation and its people. Previously, he served as the Yuva Morcha’s President, representing the Kasturba Nagar ward of New Delhi. During the Covid Lockdown, he worked tirelessly to help many people in Delhi’s surrounding areas by providing them with basic necessities. Dhruv Kapoor raised public awareness about the COVID-19 Pandemic and how to avoid becoming infected with Corona when the government imposed a lockdown. Many people were dealing with issues such as poor internet connections in remote areas, rural areas, and the country’s interior since schools were closed during the Pandemic and online education was implemented. Dhruv worked tirelessly to bring these issues to the forefront, get the government’s attention, and contribute to a resolution.

Even before this, throughout his initial undergraduate years, Dhruv was elected President of the National Service Scheme (NSS), a program of the Government of India’s Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. His team planted over 150 trees on the University of Delhi campus. He also launched an anti-smoking campaign and has aided in enhancing infrastructure and providing basic necessities, such as providing water coolers and air conditioners in the library, with the goal of always working for the betterment of the college. Aside from that, he established an anti-harassment organisation for women’s rights and organised a variety of cultural events on campus.

When asked what he would like to suggest to budding leaders and social activists, Dhruv Kapoor stated, “In my opinion, it takes leadership to change the world, modernise its ways, and convince people that transformation is for the better. Social Leadership is a leadership style appropriate for the Social Age, our current world of constant change. It is a type of authority that has been earned within our communities and is based on our reputation. It can supplement our formal authority within a hierarchy, but it is also available to those who lack formal authority. One needs to understand that Social leaders contribute to the success of an organisation by connecting the power of the community to the day-to-day challenges of work. Social leadership is based on humility, fairness, and kindness, but it is not a soft form of power: it is earned power that carries significant weight. It is based on trust.”

As part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, this social worker also helped to improve the colony’s drainage pipe infrastructure. He built two public restrooms in his neighbourhood and sponsored numerous activities such as cricket tournaments, Dussehra celebrations, Holi Utsav, kirtans, and so on. Delhi State has appointed him as Chairman of India’s International Human Rights and Crime Control Council (NGO). History is proof that only a few people come close to embodying leadership principles and displaying the characteristics of a successful nation builder. Now with taking the charge as a Member of Telephone Advisory Committee that comes under the Ministry of Communications, Dhruv Kappor aims to bring the much-needed changes in the sector.

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