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Divya Khanduja- Beauty Queen in the Entrepreneurial Industry

The beauty sector has seen substantial expansion in recent years. Since its debut in India, the demand for permanent cosmetic operations and beauty-enhancing procedures such as micro-blading and nano-blading, permanent eyebrows, lips, foundation, and many others has grown. And with this demand, let’s introduce an expert- Divya Khanduja. She was born on 14th July 1998 and bought in Delhi.

Her adventure began when she felt the desire to be self-sufficient and begin a career in the beauty business, but she was unsure if this was the correct path for her because she wanted to do something unique and establish herself. She was looking for something fresh and different (regardless of the difficulty level) from the start, and she found it in this career. It was tough for her to choose permanent makeup as a vocation at first since she wasn’t sure if Indians would be interested. Regardless of the danger, she was taking, she persevered on her trip because she had the confidence to do something different from the start.

So, even her family did not support her because it was a completely different industry, and convincing your parents is a difficult task. As a result, she had to lie about having learned the skill.
Finally, she was a small girl who took a chance. She began studying this when she was 19 years old. Her course was completed in Serbia, Austria. She then traveled to Dubai to further her education in the field. According to her family, she was learning makeup.

But as well all know that success does make noise and so did it for her as recently, she got awarded by Nora Fatehi recently for being the No.1 permanent makeup expert in India. Divya Khanduja has also worked with several high-profile Bollywood stars, including Neha Malik, Vishakha Raghav,
and many more. Not only this, she has a massive fan following on Instagram of around 204k+ followers ( as of June 2022 ) and winning the hearts of even more with her beauty and her work. Her pupils at the ‘DIVYA KHANDUJA – Permanent Makeup and Academy’ find her an inspiration. Divya is revolutionizing the beauty industry’s approach as a fantastic PMU instructor and Influencer. As a result, she is focusing on bringing new and improved beauty techniques to India.

I am sure that by now, people reading this article must be curious to know her even more and want to have a look at her contributions to the beauty sector. Then what are you waiting for, connect with her on these mediums-:

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