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DJ HARSH MAHANT’s Journey as a DJ from Indore to Bombay!

One of the biggest challenges modern artists face is transitioning from their hometown to a bigger city. Moving out comes with bigger challenges, brighter opportunities, and a lot of hard work.

Such is the story of DJ Harsh Mahant, a famous DJ from Indore who has recently moved to the city of dreams, Mumbai, and has started to create a name for himself. At just 24 years of age, he has managed to create a huge name as a DJ and Producer in both cities.

When asked about how we would describe this journey or transition, DJ Harsh says it’s a combination of extreme hard work and choosing the right path to make this journey completely worthwhile!

While he has left Indore and moved to Mumbai to pursue his dreams further, the city of Indore and its people still live in his heart. He mentioned, Indoris have given him a lot of respect, love and have shown immense support to his work. Not to forget his roots, he believes he is where he is today because of the love he has received from this city.

As much as he loves Indore, DJ Harsh Mahant says that change is the only constant for all the artists as when you get complacent and settle for what you have currently, your progress also stops. DJ Harsh says that the biggest change that he has seen after moving to Bombay is the city’s charm and its acceptance of more art forms. Mumbai is a place where artists can be recognised at a National and International level. What Harsh feels is the biggest achievement for him and he is making the Bombay crowd groove to his tunes, giving them a party experience of a lifetime!

Having an experience of more than 7 years as a DJ and now as a producer; Harsh has learnt a lot from this huge transition of shifting cities, from Indore to Mumbai. One of the major thing he has learnt is to be more calm and punctual towards everything; and that is what makes a person a better artist. This in turn helps you stay calm and handle things in a more sensible manner.

This journey of DJ Harsh as a DJ based out of Indore to being a DJ/Producer in Mumbai has come his way with a lot of hardwork and dedication along with lot of opportunities. This transition has also made him enhance his skills in the best way possible. There is still a long way to go, and we cannot wait to see how he conquers the hearts of audiences worldwide!

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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