Dmitry Belianin, CMO, PMI speaks about the rising surge in the online gaming industry

Dmitry Belianin

Today’s gaming industry is a multibillion-dollar business and is touching the skylines with its innovative and exemplary approach. The gaming sector is undoubtedly pushing the limits of technology and entertainment by bringing forth new opportunities for businesses and individuals. Esports and iGaming sector are doing tremendously great and further hitting the targets by making the consumers accessible with the right opportunities at the right period of time.

The online gaming sector is a viable form of entertainment for players of all backgrounds and ages, thanks to the introduction of mobile gaming, cloud gaming, improvements in hardware, resulting in new sectors of game aficionados and revenue prospects. Taking this aspect into consideration, a renowned service based company, PMI, is coming forward and engaging in the development and implementation of the expansion strategy for the esteemed brand Parimatch in the markets of Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

The brand is offering tech, marketing and communications services for partners in the betting and gambling industry. Therefore, with innovations, advanced technology, and the desire to provide the best gaming experience to valuable customers, the brand is making its best possible efforts. Talking about the same and putting his viewpoints on the forefront, Dmitry Belianin discusses the rising shift in the online sports and prediction gaming platforms.

  1. Esports is an emerging sector globally. How is Parimatch looking at leveraging these growth trends?

Esports has caught traction over a period of time, especially with the onset of pandemic. The nationwide lockdown and people being confined to homes has further elevated the numbers for e-sports and prediction gaming platforms. Keeping the current dynamic in consideration, we at Parimatch, strive to fuel people’s passion towards sports and have successfully reserved our space in the market as one of the first companies in the world putting efforts in this growing discipline. Parimatch as a leading iGaming brand always encourages the development of the industry not only in CIS (The Commonwealth of Independent States) regions but also worldwide.

Boosting the morale of Fnatic’s team by sponsoring it in 2020 and empowering other big names in the sector,  we have bolstered our presence by building and maintaining connections and alliances with the international esports community. The brand further envisions to tap the growing interest of people and leverage it to provide better services and features that not only match their expectations but also fascinate them while offering growth in one way or another.

2 . How has the brand performed in India so far and how are you planning to enhance the consumer experience?

Parimatch has been creating strides in the Indian market and growing prominently over the past few months. It has recently launched new features for the Indian audience. Intensifying product gamification by adding new tools and enhancing the gaming experience for its users, Parimatch offers the Indian market an opportunity to receive rewards for the efforts made on the platform and motivate their growth in the profile. Introducing sticker books as per the thematic collections, the brand is incentivising the game for the users.

We further plan to escalate the role of AI-support in our games and work towards creating a technologically-forward user experience with our vision and a team of highly-skilled self-motivated experts regulating the operations at Parimatch.

Currently, we are 3000 employees strong globally which accounts for twice the number of employees we had over the last year. We further look forward to developing our expertise to match customers’ expectations and level up the platform as per global standards.

3. Betting is illegal in India? How Parimatch is looking at making representations to the Indian government to legalize betting?

Parimatch feels that the betting game sector carries immense potential to not only support the country’s economy, but rather grow it by folds. It’s observed that around 40% of the global players being Indians in the i-gaming industry, this in itself shows how the country can lean on the betting industry. Taking the Indian sports industry to new heights, this segment can harness the power of betting to create something bigger that puts India on the international map more prominently.

We, at Parimatch, encourage legalisation of betting with a proper legal infrastructure to regulate the operations. We foresee state-by-state legislation in the next 3-5 years, the same way the US market has been doing it. Although India’s population surpasses other nations’ and it might be challenging to implement a set of norms, however, with certain guidelines and checks, India can become one of the industry leaders in the betting game world.

4. How are iGaming firms giving a push to the Indian economy? Share some of the job opportunities that can be created in this sector in the next few years?

This industry has been growing at the Compound Annual Growth Rate of 4.1 percent and is only going to see a rise in the coming times as well. Legalising betting in India is bound to support the economy as more and more citizens will invest their time, energy and money in the gaming vertical. Furthermore, the step will not only initiate the process of de-stigmatising betting games but also encourage a progressive future for sports that support such betting gaming sponsorships. Changing the landscape of the gaming market in India, it will prove to be beneficial in diverse aspects. Some experts even speculate that a step in this direction will aid the country to generate revenue and taxes and growing multifold to open doors to international platforms and increased profitability alongside creating more job opportunities.

5. How is Parimatch different from other competitors? What are some of your USP’s?

Parimatch distinguishes itself with any other sports prediction, communication and service-based platforms because we prioritise customer-satisfaction over all other factors. We ensure smooth transactions including deposits and withdrawals and provide multiple verticals in games, such as sports and casino and many more varieties of games to our patrons. We also partner with gaming operators who have the right to use and develop different brands to help us improve this platform for entertainment, sports and casino. Other reasons why we stand apart in the market are because we stay updated with the latest requirements of our users and deliver on time, give high preferences to values in our organisation so that our employees encourage profitability, reliability and user-friendliness.













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