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Entrepreneur Amit Kataria revolutionises EdTech world with his intrinsic approach

The digital world is taking over every aspect and every sector of our life. Whenever we look around, we see that digitization has incorporated itself into our lives in some way or the other. Banking has become net banking, shopping has become online shopping, school admission desks have turned into admission portals, and even the education sector has integrated itself with technology and this is why a lot of EdTech platforms have emerged. 


However, having a platform that is an all-rounder and provides quality learning is still a dream. With the motive to turn this dream into reality, Amit Kataria, a visionary and an astute entrepreneur founded Madrid Software


Recognizing the pit holes in the EdTech sector when it comes to advanced software courses, Mr. Amit came up with the idea of incepting Madrid Software in the year 2012. The Delhi-based platform provides numerous courses that help students ace in their respective fields. 


Mr. Amit had the vision of offering different courses hence his platform offers courses like Data Science course, Data Analytics, Big Data Hadoop, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Software Testing, AWS, Full Stack Developer, UI/UX Designs, Business Analytics, and Product Management. 


Amit Kataria has more than 10 Years Of experience in the IT industry and has an engineering degree in Electronics & Telecommunication from Maharishi Dayanand University. Due to this, he could personally understand the need of having a platform that provides advanced-level software courses. 


Hence, Madrid Software came into existence with an aim to offer certification courses on various skills. In order to involve people from all walks of life, the online education portal provides both classes and learning materials through audio-visual presentations so that even the people who are working can benefit as Mr. Amit believes that learning has no age barrier. 


Sharing his thoughts on the education sector Amit Kataria shares, “I personally feel that education is very important for every individual, and students today are kind of lucky that they have access to many options. However, many students do not get the quality education they deserve as there is a lack of good EdTech platforms. To resolve this issue I started Madrid Software that provides new age courses to students and help them grow in their fields. In the near future, I also want to keep working in this sector and bring new innovation to the market.” 


With the experience of working with well-reputed companies like Cognizant, JP Morgan, and Credit Suisse, Amit Kataria has been trailblazing a new path for all the aspiring students of the segment. 


Utilising his intrinsic approach to fill the gap between students and the lack of quality EdTech platforms, he has proved his potential in every possible manner and has successfully mentored and guided thousands of aspiring students in touching new heights of success. 


By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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