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Rohit Kumar

Content is everywhere. From the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep you consume an endless amount of content. In the present time, people have started to realise that the success of their business relies on the success of their website and the success of their website relies on the value of its content. There is no doubt that Journalists make great marketers because trained journalists and writers are in the best position to synthesize information, capture a reader’s attention, and uphold a critical editorial standard. Rohit Kumar is among one the journalists who have taken a U-turn and switched his career from journalism to marketing.

The journalist turned entrepreneur talks about his motivation behind getting ahead with his media and advertising agency, Media Trendz. The entrepreneur says, “I have been fond of marketing and advertising business for a long time. My journalism background helps me to carve my footprints in the marketing industry with my unique and innovative approach to storytelling. Journalism has taught me that your main goal should be direct and informative and there should be no fluff or opinions tossed in, just straight facts from beginning to end. I am a firm believer in the fact that nothing comes easy. You need to be persistent and put in your best efforts to achieve the big milestones in life. At the start of my marketing and advertising career, I didn’t have many clients, but I did have some ideas on how to build the business into something that could be successful in the long run—if not immediately profitable which helped me to build my company’s repute in the market”.

Rohit Kumar who is an Indian entrepreneur and writer, as well as a CEO and Founder of Media Trendz was earlier associated with some famous Television news channels where he was appointed at different positions. His passion for technology, web marketing, and SEO made him join the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare as a Media Consultant. Later, after going through deep research, the founder decided to establish his digital marketing and advertising agency as one of the most renowned firms in the growing media and advertising world.

Sharing his viewpoints on what makes the journalist a better marketer, the founder says, “I approach my marketing endeavors from a journalistic perspective. It allows me to think about how stories are told and put together—and then, how those stories connect with people on an emotional level. I have found that journalists make really good marketers! We care about knowing our audience, what will resonate with them, and what they need from us at any given time. This is crucial for building lasting relationships with our customers and fans across multiple media channels”.

Talking about his entrepreneurship journey, Rohit Kumar who is the innovative mind behind the firm says, “Just after I graduated from my university, I got hired as an on-job trainee for NDTV in New Delhi. It was during those early days that I realized how exciting it is to tell someone’s story in such a way that people relate to it and it leaves a long-lasting impression on them. Initially, there was no guidance except a few books or articles which were very general or were simply not easy enough to follow by an aspiring entrepreneur. But finally, I grabbed the chance to work as a Media Consultant at the Ministry of Agriculture which introduced me to my inner calling and I stepped ahead and took a risk of launching my media and advertising firm”. He further says, “Those who have not met with failure will never get the chance to enlighten their life with success”.

Media Trendz is one of India’s leading media & advertising agencies, offering its clients an integrated 360-degree approach to managing their presence across the platforms. The firm has pioneered many unique, cost-effective solutions that increase visibility, enhance brand value and assist companies in their overall marketing objectives. Headquartered in New Delhi, Media Trendz operates nationally across 22 cities with clients from Real Estate, Healthcare, Educational Institutions, Hospitality & Public Figures amongst others. Their key offerings include Communication Strategy, Media Planning & Buying services, Branding & Identity Designing, Integrated Marketing Communications, Advertising Campaign management, and Digital / Social Media Solutions amongst others.

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