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From decoding tech to penning philosophy – the journey of a poet

Atal Narayan’s path to follow his heart’s calling has been winding, to say the least. The
poet has worked as a social worker, a technical and PR-communication professional,
and headed the administrative team of one of the highest office-bearers in the
government. An engineer by qualification, he has published five research papers in
international journals as well. The twists and turns along his journey have enriched his
thoughts, shaped his philosophy, and are well-reflected in his recently published book –
Agyat Antarman is a collection of short poems written by a young poet.
The literary marvel is inspired by his learnings about history, society, culture, life, and
self-awareness. After the critical acclaim received for Agyat Antarman, he is currently
working on his next book titled ‘Gumnam Shahido Ki Gatha’. As the name suggests, it
will feature detailed descriptions of those freedom fighters who made the ultimate
sacrifice for the country and motherland but their names got lost in the annals of history. It
will highlight the contributions of the likes of Chittu Pandey, Jaidev Kapoor, Manmath
Nath Gupta, Mahavir Singh, and many more.

As we eagerly await the launch of Atal’s next, let us share our review of his previous
book ‘Agayat Antarman’. A deep sense of responsibility to work for the betterment of
society and his thoughts on the duties of an ideal citizen are omnipresent in the poet’s
work. His ideas are expressed clearly and are thought-provoking, to say the least. Not
one to impose or authoritatively assert his line of thought, his work is more likely to
engage a person in finding a deeper purpose as a model civil society member.

Agyat is a must-read for those interested in bringing a positive change in society and the
nation at large. It is meant to initiate introspection and debates between diverging views
and ideologies to carve a path for a better future. It is the poet’s desire that noblemen
with a persistent pessimistic outlook toward the state of affairs of the country should
read it with even more vigor and contemplate what can be done to make it better. Their
views may not align with that of the poet, who sees more light than dark in our beloved
nation. But he correctly believes that instead of blindly criticizing, if people viewed the
problems of the country as their own, society would collectively be in a better position to
overcome challenges. With this hope and faith, the author presents this book to you.
This book contains more than 35 motivational, inspirational poems that create a positive
spark in the reader's mind towards the nation. Poems like ‘Rashtra Dharm Hai, Prakriti,
Tu Maa Kahlati Hai, and Hame Dharma Path Sweekar Hai, are really good.

His style of writing matches the one followed by former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji.
This book is available on most e-commerce websites and authorized resellers.


By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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