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From Hacking to Protecting- The Unconventional Hacker: Ehraz Ahmed

From providing video game servers at school to providing solutions for websites and servers, life has been a roller coaster ride for blooming founder of StackNexo.

Ehraz Ahmed, a name not many would have heard, neither any IIT nor NIT would have heard. But, what he did was and will be heard by many.

Born in the city of Mysore, Ehraz has always been an enthusiast; “I first used a computer when I was 8 and ever since it has been my first love.”

At an early age when kids used to play video games, he was selling video game servers to them; which is how he came up with an idea of game server hosting company. So, by the time he reached class 10; when all his friends were studying he was launching his 1st startup of providing cloud servers all across India.

In 2012, he was admitted to the Yandex Labs Hall of Fame, Facebook in 2013, Apple in 2014 of the many others; and ever since there has been no looking back.

Ehraz dropped out of his engineering after his 1st term in 2016, as it wasn’t adding to anything that he didn’t already know. In Jan 2016, he launched his next of the many startups Voxy Wealth Management. Later that year, he launched his web security firm, Aspirehive.  

Ehraz believes, “Computers and internet have an immense power, that can take you anywhere; from the depth of the codes to the heights of the clouds.”

From an early age, Ehraz has been a mentor and guide to all those seeking help in finding solutions for web services. From SMEs to big MNCs like LinkedIn, he has been providing web security solutions.

In his latest endeavor, StackNexo, Ehraz is working building a unified platform to manage all website services from Hosting, Backup and Email to Digital Insights and Security from a single dashboard. This will be time-saving for companies that spend millions of dollars on all these web services from different platforms. But, there is always damage if they do not work cohesively.

The Idea

The preparations to launch StackNexo are in full swing, and Ehraz managed to bag 20 big partners including Google, Microsoft, NordVPN, Digitalocean, Upcloud, Plesk, Elastic Email, Cloudflare, Stackpath, & Comodo, etc.

StackNexo is an analgesic for the clients since it manages the website and the server for them and sends out week by week analysis of their website. What’s more, for any inconsistency, there is an automated response taken by the platform and in the case of any malware, the malware gets evacuated. Also, in cases of web services crash, the platform will endeavor to restart it once again for unhampered services to the end consumers.

StackNexo will change the view of how web services are offered, especially for small and medium-sized businesses and website owners and individuals who do not know how to maintain websites and servers.

It has been a journey of many ups and down for Ehraz to launch StackNexo. Ehraz not only wishes to invest in the present but also in the future. He has identified the problem and is looking towards the solutions which change millions of lives.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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