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Gautami Biswas~ The girl with a bewildered view of the universe

Gautami Biswas

Nature, living free, and the will to explore according to the ‘digital nomad,’ are some of the most precious legacies of our forefathers, and it is our job to protect it for future generations to cherish.

In today’s world, everything is becoming more sustainable, then why should travel be any dissimilar? Gautami Biswas, a prominent travel blogger, thinks so. In fact, she takes responsibility seriously when it comes to travel. The digital nomad believes that nature is one of the most beautiful things we have inherited from our forefathers and that it is our job to protect it for future generations and explore it to its fullest grandeur.

Apart from that, she is vehement about what she has learned about travel during the years of wandering. ‘Life is like travel; people frequently forget to appreciate the route and just focus on the goal,’ says Biswas. “Traveling for me is like medicine; it keeps me happy, and in my opinion, we should always do what makes us happy,” she adds to her philosophy.

Biswas, in essence, is a Senior Statistical Officer who has spent the last eight years working with the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, and she travels as a passion. She began traveling solo and then with her fiancé out of her wanderlust, being from the small yet lovely village of Kharagpur, West Bengal. Biswas recalls spending most of her leisure time during those days preparing and analyzing her next rip.

 “I always wanted to see new places and mingle with different people, deep down I knew how much I liked it,” Biswas recalls of those days. “However, I rarely had the opportunity to travel and explore after working.” I’ve always wanted to photograph and talk about the destinations I explore, so I decided to start a website to share my adventures with the rest of the world.

The prospect of becoming a travel blogger has always piqued my interest. I already understood that travel blogging was a feasible lifestyle, so I went ahead and chose to pursue it with my fiancé who encouraged and supported me a lot in my travels.”

That is how she rose to become one of India’s most promising travel blogs. Her Instagram handle, @travelrevelation, is a testimony of her intimate affinity with nature and travel, with over 116K followers. She also runs a travel blog (www.gautamibiswas.com) dedicated to her travels throughout the world, which has garnered her a great deal of attention in recent years.

She is a postgraduate who works full-time for the Indian government’s Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. So far, she has traveled to over 25 countries like Armenia, Iceland, Russia, Georgia, Norway, and others. Her endeavors included a ton of domestic attractions in India as well.

In addition to exploring, she likes reading and drinking several cups of coffee. She is always pushing others to travel, and she likes sharing her adventures with others. She is a big believer in trying local cuisine, no matter how strange or unattractive it may look, which has resulted in a number of amusing stories.

But, in addition to traveling for delight, Biswas feels that we should be aware of the harmful influence of our negligence on the destinations we visit. We harm the environment of the places we visit by being reckless with our actions. Perhaps that is why her major goal is to “encourage responsible tourism through my blogging.”

“When we travel, we should constantly be aware of our activities to guarantee that none of our negative effects has an adverse impact on the purity and harmony of the environment. When such offenses detract from a location’s attractiveness, I am deeply saddened.” Gautami continues.

Her artistic talents complement her traveling adventures, which she continues to share with her social media fans on Instagram as well as her blog. The travel blogger is on the correct track in life, with many more locations to see in the future! 

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By TIS Staffer
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