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Guwahati to Goa to Bombay: Meet Top Model Nita Sharma

Many hold the misconception that working in the world of glamour comes easy. That it’s all big black cars and Riviera views. What many people overlook is the determination and hardwork that is required.

Nita Sharma, 26, had to move from her hometown of Guwahati to Goa to pursue her career as a model and an influencer. Currently she resides in Mumbai and is committed to broadening her horizons.

The model has accomplished a lot in a very short span, and currently has a project lined up for release – which she is eagerly looking forward to – with the Bhojpuri superstar Pawan Singh. Nita hopes to continue working on new opportunities and forge a path from Bhojiwood to Bollywood.

She got her start on a short video sharing app, and through her consistent hard work and her great relation with her fans, she has amassed a huge following. She documents various milestones of her life and brings her followers along for the ride, and they shower her work with appreciation.

Nita comments on her journey, stating, “Anything is possible when you have passion in your heart and are willing to be persistent with your efforts. I have always given my best to the things I am passionate about. No matter how big of a problem comes my way, I can hold my head up, and smile through everything when I know that my goals and aspirations are at the end of the road.”.

“My parents have been very supportive of my dreams and my work towards achieving that dream. I wish to do everything I can to make them proud of me, and to give them all the luxuries of this world. They are my motivation to work hard and my hard work has made me who I am today.”.

Knowing her dedication and commitment to her work, we are confident that Nita will keep climbing the stairs of success and reach greater heights.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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