Hardik Sangani as Susheel is receiving an overwhelming response from the audience through his performance in Jaysuk Jadpayo

Jaysuk Jadpayo is a film that was in the pipeline for a long time and audiences have been excited to see the release of the film with the release of the trailer, it gathered even more anticipation around the plot. The film has been produced and directed by Dharmesh Mehta. The film is now released on the 3rd of June’22 and the audiences are loving every bit of it. Hardik Sangani as Susheel received an overwhelming response from the audience through his performance in Jaysuk Jadpayo.

Jaysuk Jadpayo’s cast is a big bonus with important faces like Johny Lever, Jimit Trivedi, and Puja Joshi alongside the much-appreciated performance by Hardik Sangani. The film also casts Anang Desai, Sangeeta Khanayat, Monaz Mevawalla, Sanchi Peswani, Purvi Vyas, Hemang Dave, and Aakash Zala amongst many others. The character of Hardik has been the talk of the town and he has received a lot of glances with his rightly characterized role in the film. Susheel which is Hardik’s role in the film is believed to hold a lot of importance and shows a lot of characteristics that intrigued the audience including the fans and followers of Hardik.  He has been seen earlier in many important projects and audiences wanted to see something new from his end. This film delivered the newness in his character helping him to gain the fame he expected to receive.

Hardik Sangani mentioned, “By the grace of God and the team’s hard work has paid off well.  There were hundreds of people working hard on the set of the film and that is to just only entertain the audience. It feels great when a film is accepted and loved by the audience to that extent. I am so surprised by the fact that now people have started recognizing me at airports and malls and other public places. Actors are addicted to getting love from the audience and when the audience shows that love to the actors that becomes the main goal in life.

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