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Harsh Chawda on his Entrepreneurial Journey and starting Influencer Marketing Agency Abbot Media

Harsh Chawda , Founder of Abbot Media

Harsh Chawda , Founder of Abbot Media , believes it is very important for entrepreneurs to enjoy their own journey . He personally thinks that it is advantageous for entrepreneurs to do invest in yourself.

The entrepreneurial journey for Harsh began right after completing his 12th Qualification. After his qualification he thought why don’t I start my own business .

Harsh Chawda began his entrepreneurial journey after his 12th Qualification .Finding opportunity in the segment, he launched Abbot Media, a digital media startup, in 2019, to focus on providing talent management, video production, social media management, and influencer marketing.

“We are about 10 to 15 team members right now. In terms of the kind of brands, we are working with about 40-50 odd brands. We have been working a lot with pure play consumer product brands,” he adds.

Launching a digital media startup

Harsh explains that his parents were not quite pro-business. Like most parents, they wanted him to take up a Chartered Accountant Degree after 12th Qualification.

“Imagine some 21-year-old going to parents and saying I want to leave my stable course and do something on social media. They’re going to think I am stupid. So I told them that I will do the study for a few months. The day I make enough money from this business, I will quit the CA Journey and take this up full time. I had done the preparation for about six months after that I leaved my CA Journey . It is how it all happened,” he says.

Abbot Media has scaled up and now works with some of the most popular brands including MyProtein , Pintola and others.

Speaking about starting up at an early age, Harsh explains that while he did feel he was entering into business without job experience or without any idea about how the corporate world works, he eventually made mistakes and has also learned from them and grown.

“ I have made a lot of mistakes. Tomorrow if I were to start a completely different startup, I would know where not to go and what not to do,” he adds .

Instagram handle :- https://instagram.com/harsh.chawda16?utm_medium=copy_link

By TIS Staffer
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