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How Arqam Is Leading The E-Commerce Industry In Asia?

How Arqam Is Leading The E-Commerce Industry In Asia?How Arqam Is Leading The E-Commerce Industry In Asia?

How do you become a level 2 seller with over 400 satisfied clients on Fiverr? How do you rank as a Top-Rated writer on Upwork with a 100% success rate?

Arqam Cheema is taking the Asian freelancing community by storm and sealing high-profile deals left and right, but what is his secret?

An ordinary college student becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the copywriting world in a few short years is the kind of story every freelancer dreams about.

Let’s Begin!

Writing and literature were Arqam’s beloved passions from a very young age. The opportunity presented itself to turn his hobbies into a career, so he quickly jumped on board.

Cheema built his reputation on Fiverr by exceeding his client’s expectations every time he delivered a project. He was revamping bland listings, rebranding failing firms, and boosting organic sales, all within a secure budget. 

As time went time, word got out about his expertise and talent to high-profile clients, and his career took off. This self-taught copy-writer has a clientele from across the globe, including USA and UK. He is currently working as a Senior Copywriter at SEMrush, a leading SaaS program.

Moreover, he has actively worked with USA’s prominent health products manufacturer, Nature’s Craft. Arqam leaves an unforgettable impression after completing a project. His engaging writing style and strict work ethic impress entrepreneurs of all ranks. 

In August 2021, Arqam Cheema launched online training lessons to aspiring beginners about the factors of Copywriting and Optimization. Several students signed up for the program due to their trust and reliance on Cheema’s abilities and skills. 

By the end of the two-month-long course, rookies emerged as potential high-rated sellers. The reviews of the classes were overwhelmingly positive, and it was an enlightening experience for everyone.  

It’s no wonder that Arqam is one of Asia’s most established influencers. He aims to achieve his best in every project and provides exceptional talent combined with ethical standards that are second to none.

As far as freelancing is concerned, the country’s favorite youth leader has just started. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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