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How Riti Boochra is changing the way a nation learns the English language

The content creator and educator is shaping India’s future by making learning simpler and
Education is a precursor to life. It is the most crucial ingredient that sets the tone for one’s future.  And this is the belief that Riti Boochra works upon. Riti is an SRCC alumnus, a best-selling author, two-time CBSE national topper, an educator, a  lawyer and a social media content creator. Long story short, she wears many hats! Today, she  teaches English through her relatable approach to over 189,000 followers.
*How did it all begin?*
Riti’s journey in the education sector began quite early in her life. As a young teenager, at age 13, she began compiling, editing and co-authoring over a hundred books for her father’s publishing house. And this was all within seven years.  Later in her life, she went on to pursue her LLB and LLM degrees. Once accomplished, she began teaching law in Jaipur and Guwahati.
*Why the English language?*
One might ponder how and why Riti zeroed down on teaching the English language. She was  always deeply involved in the education sector. During her early days, she, time and again,  gravitated toward the English language. What gave her a stronghold was when people around her made fundamental errors in applying the English language. And this is how an idea sprung up in her mind—why not create a community of fellow learners?
She sought to unlearn what was taught haphazardly over the years and channel it in a systematic and organised manner. So, this is what she did! She discovered her true calling of teaching  English to the masses.
Technology served as a boon and gave her the stimulus to launch her Instagram handle  (@learnenglishwithriti) in July 2020. Today, her page comprises an audience of over 189,000  followers. It is among the fastest-growing English learning platforms. Through the page, she actively and vehemently addresses the common fundamental errors now considered part of the  vocabulary.
*Exploring the learning path*
Since the initiative’s inception, she has personally and closely worked with over 3000 students.
She conducts courses and workshops that help her gauge the pain points and blind spots of English learners. Today, Riti is a master of creating content and courses that encourages her students to think, converse and feel like English is their mother tongue. In short, the English language has become second nature to her students and learners.
The overarching objective is to sharpen the saw of people with an urge to master and perfect the language. She aspires to connect with the needy and polish their linguistics prowess. To this end,  she also does one more thing! She visits NGOs and imparts knowledge to underprivileged people  free of cost. Another defining feather in her cap is that she was recognised and credited for her academic
acumen in 2010 by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
*Into the future*
Riti has an elaborate plan of action for shaping the future generation. She aspires to establish education centres to redefine the standard for quality education in India.
*In her own words*
In curating words to live by, Riti puts it rather simply. One year equates to 365 possibilities. In  essence, she takes it up a day at a time. The larger outlook is intimidating and overwhelming,  especially when it is far-fetched.
She intends to wake up to new sunshine and conquer the day by giving her very best. The only  relevant factor is going ahead and progressing, one day at a time.
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