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Indian American Singer Aryaan Arora Goes Viral

Indian American Singer Aryaan Arora Goes Viral

Indian American singer-songwriter, Aryaan Arora, has recently gone viral on Instagram, posting covers of popular Indian and American songs. His videos have grossed over 1 million views across the platform. 

Aryaan, has used Instagram to promote his music and his rise to fame began with his cover of Indian Pop-Star Armaan Maliks English Debut “Control”. A few days after posting his cover, Armaan Malik himself shared a tweet sharing his appreciation of Aryaan’s voice and guitar composition skills. 

He wrote: “Always wanted young Indian musicians like me to pick up the guitar & do their own thing. Check out this cover of #Control by @_aryaanarora! You have a really nice vibe brother, keep it going”

After this, Aryaan released another amazing cover of ‘Mohabaat Barsa De’ which went viral and was appreciated and shared by the original artist as well. 

Man of various talents:

Aryaan Arora, is currently enrolled at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts where he is completing his training in acting and film-making. Although he is receiving a lot of recognition for his musical skills, he is an actor, filmmaker, and dancer as well. He has already made his debut as an actor in US on one of the biggest Hollywood Television broadcasting companies, “ABC”, that is a flagship property of Walt Disney Television. 

Aryaans season premiere episode of ABC’s “What Would You Do” was also posted on YouTube and went viral, grossing over 8.8 millions views. 

Aryaan has already signed with a major talent agency and management group in New York, that represents him for his Film, Television, and Commercial projects. 

Embracing his Culture through his Music:

Aryaans mother, Aarti Arora has been a big part of his life and career. Shaping him as an artist and constantly making sure he stays grounded and sticks to the roots and values she brought him up with. 

He says: “My mother has been a huge influence on me not only as a person but as a musician as well. As an American born Indian, it is not easy to get a hold of your national language and I am so grateful to my mom for teaching it to me so I can make it a part of my music and reach not only English speaking audiences but people from my home country as well” 

Aryaan is currently working on his upcoming album and looks forward to releasing more videos on his social media for his fans.

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