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Indrajit Ghoshal’s Poetry Darbaar brings poets from diverse backgrounds under one roof

Indrajit Ghoshal's Poetry DarbaarIndrajit Ghoshal's Poetry Darbaar

Indrajit Ghoshal, the founder of Poetry Darbaar that has been providing opportunities to poets across all age groups ever since it’s inception in 2016, has been very modest when asked about Poetry Darbaar’s immense success. Indrajit says, “God has been kind. I have always been an unassuming, quiet person, not too social. Sometimes, even I don’t believe that I managed to do all this- connecting poets and giving them a space to share their heart out in the form of poems and storytelling.”

What started in Gurgaon half-heartedly has become his passion. He has also managed to take Poetry Darbaar to other cities, however he thinks there is a lot to be done.

“I have been doing all of it single-handedly. I have some close friends to take opinions, to share ideas. I also take help from people as and when I need and they never refuse me.” Indrajit opines.

Indrajit, a wonderful poet himself, states that before 2015, poetry wasn’t a rage as it is now. Today, he says, everyone is belting out one poem after another and some where, the quality gets compromised.

He is glad that he managed to create a platform like this, which is not just youth oriented but it admires and welcomes the elderlies too.
Poetry Darbaar not only caters to Hindustani poetry lovers, it also makes space for english spoken word poetry, a trend that has taken the poetry world by storm. According to Indrajit Ghoshal, established poets along with new bees have performed here. He mentions glowingly of english spoken word poets, who are mere students but their crafts and performances always intrugue him. This artform has picked up pace rapidly. It addresses the issues we don’t talk about in a non judgmental space connecting with everyone and giving the much needed emotional purging to many of us.

When probed further about his future plans with Poetry Darbaar, Indrajit Ghoshal didn’t want to divulge too much. “I don’t really have any plan at the moment, as after the pandemic and ny recent setbacks on the personal front, I am trying to recalibrate and reclaim the lost space, to begin with. It’s just a matter of time before Poetry Darbaar gains prominence. People do enquire about events, performances, workshops etc. There have been few online events with colleges and some online open mics. Let me sort out a few things and see how things pan out when I start this initiative again.” Indrajit signs off.

Indrajit Ghoshal started Poetry Darbaar when Gurgaon was bereft of any such events. Even if there were any, those events kept the budding poets, unknown poets away from their respective circles. Poetry events were rarely there in Gurgaon. It is to Indrajit’s credit to take poetry to the people of Gurgaon and nurture them, selflessly, like his very own.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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