Innovative brain-stimulators help Dementia patients stay active


Customized for each patient, these tools ensure better engagement.

Dementia, a disorder that deteriorates mental processes, affects more than 55 million people around the world. Most of them are above 65. Unfortunately, there is no cure available to treat Dementia.

There is some good news, though. Research shows that the patient’s thinking skills are less likely to decline if they keep their minds active. Games such as jigsaw puzzles, connect-the-dots, brain training exercises are usually used for this purpose. But as most of these are designed for kids. Therefore, do not appeal to the elderly.

This is where ‘Memorables’ the customised brain-stimulating tools by Nightingales Dementia care come in. According to Asha D Souza, Senior psychologist and Care Manager, “Dementia patients can usually recall memories in the distant past compared to the immediate past. So each unit of ‘Memorables’ is based on a significant event from the patients’ memory, like their marriage, college days and so on.

Adding a personal touch to the exercise ensured that it held the patients’ interest. They do not abandon it midway as they did with earlier tools.”

Ten times more engagement was reported with Memorables as compared to traditional games. Being able to complete a task also improves the patients’ self-confidence.

By TIS Staffer
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