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Jatin Pilwan’s amazing transformation is an inspiration for younger generation

Jatin Pilwan

Everyone wants to achieve something or the other in their lives but somehow each of us seeks comfort more than to slog after achieving our goals. Sometimes all we need is a little nudge for us to work harder towards our goals. One such person is Jatin Pilwan. Jatin is just 23 years old. Sometimes back situations turned out in a way that gave Jatin the push to achieve something in his life to set his priorities and goals straight.

Jatin was going through obesity like many of the teenagers of this generation goes through. Everything was good until life took a turn and not for good. He suffered through heartbreak as his girlfriend left him for someone who was fit and fine than Jatin. This shattered Jatin at that time and was not ready to share it with anyone and pushed people away. He suffered from anxiety and depression and had to deal with it all alone.

One day he realized what he had done and now left with no one to talk to in the process. That was the day he gathered himself together. He got serious about getting into shape and being healthy. Within the span of 8 months, he lost 55kg of weight. The weight loss journey acted like a detox to him. He made new friends who loved him for how he was and he started to get close to his family again. This all helped Jatin to boost up his confidence and he started to believe in himself and everything he is capable of achieving. He started to work towards it and is moving closer to achieving his goals.

Jatin was into co-curricular activities like dancing, singing, acting, and sports since his school days. He decided to take a career option in the things he is interested in already. At the present time, Jatin is into it all; he performs in theaters, acted in a few short films. He is showing his talent for singing, dancing, and acting through this. Other than this he loves to travel and explore places. Travel gives him a getaway from daily life as well as it helps him to meet new people and learn about various cultures across our country. Jatin also helps people who are bullied because of their physique in schools or anywhere. He makes them understand that everything is possible through his experience and journey.

Jatin has experienced a lot in his life; he had suffered the loss of his friends whom he thought were real and the person he loves. But he does agree that all that happens; happens for good. If things did not happen the way they did, he wouldn’t be a better person than he is now. Jatin also makes people understand it’s not about how you look on the outside but how you are inside matters. Being fit is good and might help to boost up a person’s confidence like what happened with him, but there is nothing to be embarrassed about loving yourselves the way you are.

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By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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