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Jesh Music setting a benchmark with his impeccable musical pieces

Every successful man worth his word starts out small; rising from the trenches and right onto the penthouse is a skill many aspire to have, but not everyone possesses. Musician Jayesh Paradkar who also goes by the name Jesh Music is one of the few people who have been able to grasp opportunities and overcome challenges that fell along the way. His music ranges all the way from EDM to old-school hip hop, pop, and a lot more. His experience in producing beats for different people also aided him in acquiring new talents. He exponentially grew and was hired and credited with providing music for several Ads, background scores, and emerging artists. In fact, he also gained a reputation all over the globe. 

 Right since his childhood, Jesh Music has been inclined toward music. He played musical instruments more than he played with toys. While he initially dismissed it as a hobby, as he grew, he connected with it on a deeper level and started to recognize the importance of music in people’s lives. His grandfather and the generations preceding him had always been inclined towards music too. He frequently played different instruments during assemblies or at special events in school. It was his friend, Sudhanshu Yadav who encouraged him to venture beyond just vocal music and to find himself a career within instruments that he so dearly loved. He started getting into EDM, from which he got into making House mixes. Furthermore, he was also inspired by several famous DJs such as Alesso, Martin Garrix, and others. 

 Unfortunately, life did throw a lot of difficulties on Jayesh’s face including some financial crises. Due to that, he started working in the year 2012, during which he came into contact with some managers who introduced him to recognized faces of the music industry. He worked indirectly for Deep Money for a while, but the pay was menial, and he hardly received any credit for his artwork. Soon, he decided to take charge and started writing lyrics, producing them into mesmerizing songs. However, he reached another hurdle, as he realized the production cost was really high. Dismayed, he sought help from a friend Sudhanshu who recommended starting his own production house and decided to do his own thing. He collected equipment and learned different skills on his own. 

 In 2016, he reached his final and the most crucial year of school, which created more problems as he had to juggle between music, part-time jobs, and his music career. But with his strong will and determination, he balanced everything. He continued working on several other jobs while continuing the work on his production and Dj-ing skills while he was in Delhi. Soon enough, his musical career took off, and people from several nations started to flock to him in masses. He had people coming to him for his skills all the way from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Dubai. Throughout his journey, he has made several connections and has worked on perfecting his marketing skills. Moreover, Jesh Music figured out that giving away beats on Lease was not preferable as much as selling out exclusive music was.  

 Life for him had been full of travels; he went from Maharashtra to receive his higher education in Madhya Pradesh. From there, he went to Delhi to receive better opportunities and finally landed in Chandigarh. Because of this, he managed to pick up on several slang and dialects, which he realized could become a great marketing strategy, and thus he attracted a huge clientele from his skills. He may not have a degree in business, but he surely built his skills and has a passion for books and a thirst for knowledge. Instead of trying to collaborate with label artists, he decided to go organic and connect with emerging Indian and American Rappers, who in turn, connected with his beats and were impressed by his skill set. 

 As a musician, Jesh Music had been researching NFTs and gathering information on the metaverse for a while before he came up with the idea of combining his passion with NFTs. He consistently provides his audiences with his unique creations. Not only this, but he also wishes for the producers to start getting the same recognition that the singers receive and for the audiences to recognize the efforts that are put in by various cogs in the machine that produces a ‘song’. 




By TIS Staffer
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