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Justin Bieber turns 28; here are some interesting facts about the singer

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber turns 28 today and every 90s kid has grown up listening to his songs. He is known to be the most popular singer and performer of his generation. The Canadian-born musical artist got overnight fame in 2009 and has not looked back since.  His debut song ‘Baby’ turned out to be a huge success to his recent songs like ‘Yummy and Peaches’ it is no wonder why Justin Bieber has hit the top of the charts. 

If you love this Canadian pop star Justin Bieber then check out 7 interesting facts about him that you might not have known until now.

1. Justin is Bilingual

Bieber is bilingual, he speaks both French and English. This is not surprising because Bieber is originally from Ontario, a French-Canadian province. 

2. He wanted to become an architect

The Music artist once dreamed of being an architect. Justin once said If his music career had not taken off at such young age he would be an architect. 

3.  A big time Foodie

Bieber loves a big bowl beery captain crunch and his favorite sandwich is tomato and mayo on wonder bread. He also loves fruits like bananas and grapes.

4. A Disney fan 

Justin likes to watch animated films and His favorite animated film is “ The Lion King”. He had also visited Disney theme park with his former girlfriend, Selena Gomez. 

5. He is Mr. Sensitive 

Bieber is an emotional type of person. He proved that he is a sensitive kind of person when he said” The Notebook” is one of his favorite movies.   

6. Charity’s hair

Bieber loved his iconic hairstyle, he donated his hair to the talk show host Ellen DeGeneres for benefit of animal rescue charity. 

7. Will Smith is Justin’s mentor 

Justin said his mentor is will Smith. he helped Justin through some rough times and after that, both of them are continuously in touch with each other. 

As Bieber turns 28 today, we hope he keeps the world entertaining with his songs.

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By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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