Kamal Jain a.k.a ‘KJ’: Boy who thought of exploring his passion

Kamal Jain

The Life of Kamal Jain aka KJ was quite easy and simple until he chose his passion as his career in the ‘film industry’ at the very age of ‘16’.

Kamal had no idea about the thought he has in his mind until he came across a guide who explained to him the propaganda of his thought. Later then as KJ had no support both financially and mentally he then began to save money from his pockets but even tho the savings weren’t capable to fulfill his needs, he planned for a source of income in a very silly way ie: To buy groceries and things from the market for Rs.100 and could tell mom that he bought it for Rs 150. This was his start towards his wanting life.

And as said ‘Great things take time ‘ Kamal Jain with a lot of effort managed to save a sum of 46 thousand by which he produced his first album. After he got a good response from his friends and well-wishers, he planned to continue on his passion and worked hard and produced 5 albums on a run. but when life shows its true colors he also realized that all the support he got was fake and the greed of his supporters.

Everything started fading and the people bluffing around began to mock and demotivate KJ. But KJ was full of confidence and ‘never giving up’ is his policy. He composed a new album ‘MAA’ where he found genuine support and his 1st official Youtube Payment relieved him. 

Entrepreneur Kamal Jain who made his investments on his own from the idea he used to manage his 1st album worked as an Insider in various companies in Goa. Helping his fellow mates grow who came in showing interest in his plan and who grew together as an entrepreneur and so KJ with great knowledge and investments managed to produce his upcoming albums. 

As Kamal’s life was getting on track with the opportunities knocking on his door. KJ got a prestigious offer of becoming An ‘Brand Ambassador’ at the PKG Lifestyle a multinational platform that turned out to be his turning point for all the debts he paid. as he received many offers for production, modeling, singing, short films, and investments…

And as life is a race track KJ received a lot of hurdles in the form of Threats and fake support but nothing could stop him. KAMAL JAIN a brand was not just for his needs, He also contributed a lot to the welfare of the society, during the Pandemic he played a massive role in risking his life by offering life-saving materials from the speechless to the speaking. KJ also financially supported the families of the victims at times of emergency. KAMAL JAIN has been a sponsor for a lot of sports promoting academies promoted women’s football team to Himachal Pradesh and for the various sports campaigns. 

For nothing shall be possible in this world without self-confidence! ‘Kamaj Jain a.k.a KJ’ with his loving parents, sister, and family support who held his back at the time of fall is the greatest friend and a fan you will ever have. 

“Whatever you do! Do it with Confidence & Keep it Real.” #Kamal Jain #KJ

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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