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Kumud Soney: How a Simple Man Became A TV Star

Kumud Soney has made a name for himself in the world of India’s TV shows, he has starred in the long running shows Crime Patrol and Savdhan India, and has made appearances in Gumraah and Ghayal Once Again.
He is from Robertsganj, Sonbhadra, UP, He Dreamt To become a star from his childhood days…He came Mumbai not with very big background but with big Dream that he is achieving..

Mr. Soney’s portfolio also boasts of roles in commercials, web series and short films. He has also worked with streaming giants like Spotify and Audible as a voice actor. he is active in voice acting, narration and dubbing as well in multiple languages…. Some of his Projects as Voice artist, he narrated Bhagwat Geeta, black hunter on audible, Jaishankar Prasad ki shresht kahaniya, Maut ka Saudagar, Daily Coach and Alots are in list and stunningly still on to release..

Voice Industry always appreciate his Work and he made a mark in this industry as well as TV..

He is well known in both Industries… And being recognized with a well known Name..
He mostly did his Voice narration work from his home setup

Beyond the world of entertainment, Mr. Soney is also an entrepreneur and works hard to make all his ventures successful. He alludes this drive and motivation to his humble beginnings, commenting, “I have faced a lot of struggles in life and have learnt many lessons. And because of everything I have been through, all that I have learnt, I recognise the value of my work. I recognise how important it is to stay devoted to your calling and give your best to every project you pick up.”.

Before he became the Kumud Soney that people instantly recognise as the inspector on Crime Patrol, he was a dreamer who had set out to make his dreams a reality. When he first came to Mumbai to pursue his dreams and prove his mettle, he faced a lot of hardships. Coming from a simple family without any big connections, it was hard for Soney – and many others like him – to get a big break.

But his determination wouldn’t let him give up, despite circumstances where he struggled to make ends meet and had to sleep many nights on an empty stomach. At the time he lived in a shared room that was overcrowded and filled with people, many times Mr. Soney walked miles to reach his auditions and casting calls because he had to cut corners and could not afford public transport.

With his faith in God and a single-minded focus, he weathered all storms and when one door opened, others followed suit.

Mr. Soney has been making the best of all the opportunities and hasn’t looked back since, only moving forward to continue taking his art and passions to greater heights.

He is Fitness Freak, Motivator, Brilliant in Acting, we appreciate him that he gave such shows and projects to entertain us.. He always come with impressive characters and excellent voice acting..

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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