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5 Creative Ways to Get more Views on YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is a new short-form video uploaded by creators who want to shoot short or catchy videos from their mobile phones. YouTube shorts are a new feature where creators can upload vertical videos of 15 seconds or less and add special Instagram Reels effects. YouTube Shorts are only available on YouTube apps. Creators can access the shorts camera from the YouTube app for recording a less than 60 seconds video.

We all know how to grow a regular YouTube channel, but what are the ways to grow a Shorts-only channel? Shorts creators can also attract millions of subscribers and they are vital to less than 60 seconds of content.

Now you must find ways to buy youtube Views for shorts. But it has limited availability. For making your work easy, here some ways are mentioned to get more YouTube views on your shorts.


  1. Create Custom Thumbnails for Your Shorts

If you are familiar with how Shorts work, you can easily buy viewers who are watching from the Shorts shelf.

Shorts can be watched as regular YouTube videos. You can view Shorts on a normal watch page, with advertisements and a comment section. Someone will see a thumbnail before watching a Short. If you don’t make it a custom one, YouTube shows a random video frame, with lousy graphics. So, more creators make custom thumbnails for Shorts.

Collaborating with someone also increases the views of both of the two partners. You can collaborate with creators who have a similar niche to you. After become by collaborating with brands lead to sponsorship from the brand.

  1. Research video tags and keywords

Video tags and keywords are important for increasing views on your YouTube shorts and make them discoverable. They go through Google and YouTube’s search algorithm to find the category of your video. Before posting your YouTube shorts do a little research ensuring higher reach and more views, comments, likes, and subscribers.

There are so many numerous keywords and video tags research tools available on the market for your YouTube shorts. After finding appropriate tags and keywords you must put them in your video description. As your video title gets a good search rank, many people will discover it and get more Youtube views.

  1. Write proper YouTube shorts title

YouTube shorts video title a very important for someone that they will watch your video or not. Depending on SEO factors YouTube algorithm chooses the best videos title. The best ways to optimize video titles to buy Youtube views are:

  • Research keywords to put them in your video title.
  • Put numbers in your video to increase the search.
  • Title must be brief (up to 100 characters).
  • Use “How To” to describe a process.
  • Use some catchy words such as Amazing, Wow, Yummy, etc for increasing the SEO rank.


  1. Add texts, music, and sound to your YouTube shorts

You can add texts, music, and sound to your YouTube shorts for making them more interesting to attract views. Here are some ideas for using texts, music, and sound:

  • Adding trending music can convert boring videos into entertaining ones.
  • Add text to YouTube shorts to give your video a personal touch and you can also share some messages among all the viewers.
  • Add sounds properly to boost your viewer for YouTube shorts.

By using texts, sounds, and music properly in Shorts video can make it a trending sensation to an average video.

Most of the YouTube Shorts are 60 seconds long, but Youtube recommends the duration within15 seconds or less. Certain things that you must take in your mind that the key is videos must be 15 seconds or less. People do not want to hook to your content for the entire 60 seconds.


  1. Use YouTube Stories and the right hashtag

Here is another idea to promote their YouTube Shorts channel. Instead of recommending Shorts to your friends create some YouTube Stories to “highlight” your best Shorts.

You must put the right hashtag for YouTube Shorts which is #shorts. A lot of people use the wrong hashtag in their content. Thus you can buy Youtube views for your Shorts. You can create two things that give you a better result. It allows people to press the subscribe button within the Story and leave a comment. The extra engagement pushed his content to a new level with the help of the YouTube statistics.


Now you get some ways to get more views on your YouTube shorts. YouTube Shorts is a very good way for smaller channels to gain audience attention almost without any effort.

Always keep in mind that the duration of Shorts must be ‘short’. You must edit it in such a way that the audience engages with it and puts their attention to the video. You can edit your videos by using some external software. It takes only a few minutes to shoot and edit the videos. YouTube shorts have the massive potential to pay off.




By TIS Staffer
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