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5 Mother’s Day campaigns that still rule our heart

We often do not realize the efforts and work our mothers put in each day to help us grow and live a better life. Raising a family is as difficult as doing a job and there are many mompreneurs who are doing both the jobs. They are diligently raising their little ones and are also acing in their respective work fields. Well, these hardworking mompreneurs definitely deserve recognition, and to pay tribute to them many wonderful campaigns have been designed by different brands. These campaigns always used to have an emotional connection, thus they made a huge impact on everyone’s heart. Down below, we have listed a few of these Mother’s Day campings that still and will always rule our hearts. Go read about them and relive those magical moments once again. 



  •  Parle-G – #YouAreMyParleG 


India’s one of the leading food processing companies Parle Products has been in the market for a very long time. One of the most famous products is Parle-G and they have been creating numerous campings on many occasions. Back in 2019, they released a heart-touching mother’s day campaign #YouAreMyParleG that celebrated the endless love a mother showers on her children. The TVC immediately took social media by storm with the hashtag trending in the top 5 trends. The ad film garnered a massive response with the video hitting 150K views on YouTube. The ad campaign honored mothers who work round the clock to run their house and even do jobs to give their kids a better life. The key purpose of this campaign was to pay tribute to mothers all across the globe for being constant companions and showering selfless love. 



  •  Preganews – #GoodNewsIsGenderFree 


Prega News has initiated its campaign #PregaNewsMeansGoodNews, this TVC targeted Indian families and their conservative mindset. This digital film depicts that Indians always prefer a boy over a girl and this mindset has been deeply inducted into the roots of Indian families which ultimately leads to many consequences. The campaign’s TVC created a massive buzz on the social media platforms with people sharing it in huge numbers. The ad film managed to cross 16 million views on YouTube with touching 110K likes. Overall, with this inspiring initiative, Mankind Pharma contributed to bringing a change in people’s point of view and the ad still has an impact on people’s mind and heart. 



  • Ariel – #ShareTheLoad  


#ShareTheLoad by Ariel is one such campaign that has always ruled our hearts. The emotions that a father has portrayed through the advertisement, made us realize how both the genders are responsible for running a household. It’s not always a mother’s duty to look after the house or raise a child, hence breaking the stereotype that men and women should equally share the load.  The campaign was a massive success in terms of reach and news. It garnered a whopping 33 Lakhs views on the popular video streaming platform-YouTube. The ad campaign still makes us pause and think– “How and Why both the genders are responsible for running a household?”



  •  Domino’s- #MaaNahiBhoolti 


Domino’s Pizza India launched a Mother’s Day advertisement titled ‘Maa Nahin Bhoolti’ back in the year 2018. The ad shows a son leaving his mother at an old age home because he was unable to take care of her. His mother waits for him to call or come and meet her but he does neither of two. This shows how in this fast-growing world people often forget about their parents, they forget how parents are the ones who helped them reach heights. In the advertisement, it is next shown that the mother orders a Domino’s Pizza for her son because she knows how much her son likes it and that is when the son realizes how much his mother actually loves him. 

The film by the multinational pizza restaurant chain saw was appreciated by people all across the country with the video touching 42 Lakh views on YouTube. With this advertisement, Domino’s portrayed that no matter what ‘maa kabhi nahi bhulti hai’, it depicted how selflessly a mother loves her child even if the child does not value her. Overall this campaign, the idea, and the execution, all were works of art. The impact it created cannot be expressed in words. 



  • Colgate #HappyMothersDay  


Colgate India has launched a digital advertisement #HappyMothersDay, where they showed how a mother takes each challenge head-on with a smile. The film is still among one of the finest Mothers’ Day campaigns designed in India and in the film, Sindhutai is shown as a selfless spirited mother of a thousand homeless children, telling her hardships yet able to help many homeless. The ad by the toothpaste brand has beautifully shown the hardships of a mother.

Let’s all promise that we will never disrespect ‘any’ mother, no matter if she is a random lady in the metro or your house helper. Always remember that they are also someone’s mother who is putting in a lot of effort to give their children a good life. This mother’s day we pay tribute to every mother who is always standing like a pillar and is fighting all the difficulties for their children. 

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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