5 office etiquette every fresher must follow

It’s time to bid adieu to the fun college days and step ahead in the corporate world. Bunking classes, eating and snoring during lectures, reaching late to class, gossip, late-night chats, and long calls with friends have to take a back seat now. The sudden independence that corporate life gives is difficult at times for a fresher to understand. And sometimes, it leads to messing up things. 

The corporate world is full of competition. Once one makes a mistake, there is a high chance of losing out on the race. But still there is a high scope of freshers making mistakes as they are new to the corporate environment. So below given are a few tips that one must follow to avoid basic errors.



  • Be on time


No one likes a person who is not punctual. And being the junior most in the office, one must not keep anyone waiting. It is always advisable to reach the office 15 minutes before the time to avoid getting late due to traffic and more. Also, be on time for the meetings. Inculcating this habit within oneself will help a lot in the corporate world and help achieve dreams. 



  • Wear good outfits


Every fresher in the corporate world is judged on the way they dress. So one must come out of those funky t-shirts and adhere to the office HR policies and dress code of the office. One can wear formals or intelligent casuals depending on the organization. Always keep in mind that one is not just representing themselves but also the organization. So choose the dress wisely. 



  • Build good rapport with the boss


When a fresher joins an organization, they do not want to leave it immediately. Some reports state that most employees leave an organization because they are unhappy with their boss. So make a good rapport with the boss, which will make the workplace environment valid for the individual. Not only this, but it will also escalate the corporate ladder in a better way.



  •  Respect professional boundaries


Though it is completely forbidden to make friends inside the workplace, one must know the professional boundaries to not become a part of any conflict. Also, it will help to stay unbiased when you are asked to review their work. 



  • Avoid gossips                 


How one thinks about others says a lot about themselves. Gossip is one of the cardinal sins of corporate life. It won’t hurt anyone else but the person itself. Doing gossip about the boss, co-worker, or company will create a negative impact. It will portray that the person isn’t a team player and cannot be trusted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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