5 Red Flags To Look For In Yourself

5 Red Flags To Look For In Yourself5 Red Flags To Look For In Yourself

People talk a lot about ‘red flags’ but the question is, what is that term exactly? Red flags are something that indicates or draws attention to problems, danger or irregularities. It signifies a reason to stop, when conditions are too dangerous to continue down the road. You are familiar with the red flags in relationships, but the red flag is not only about relationships, it is about yourself too, which hampers your overall personality development and growth. 

Here we are providing you with the 5 such red flags in ourselves to look for

1) Criticising and putting yourself down

People are quite insecure about their looks, abilities, living standards and many other things. They think that everyone else is better than them and doing well but they don’t know that they are haunting their mind and self esteem by doing this. So stop comparing and start loving yourself because no one else is going to do this for you.  

2) Fail to say ‘No’

Do you consider yourself a people pleaser? ‘No’ right? But some people don’t know how to say no, because they think that people will get angry or they will not talk to them, but they need to understand that when they say no to things, it gives them the power to make choices for themselves. It means they became capable enough to choose their  priorities. It makes their lives less complicated.

3) Basing your worth on people’s validation

Some people allow others to control their lives so much that they base their worth on people’s validation. They need to understand that not everything needs other people’s approval. Taking big decisions on their own will help them in their growth in life. 

4) Not speaking up due to fear of rejection

This is a very big problem, because when we don’t speak up for ourselves, we erode our self-worth. This is a true form of honesty, which actually builds trust among people. So try to be confident even if you are not and speak whatever you are thinking. 

5) When People Cross Your Boundaries

People always try to cross our boundaries in all sorts of ways, they might keep pushing you to change your “no” into a “yes” to meet their needs. Sometimes they might borrow your things and never return them. 

So you should be aware of these red flags in you and try to change them.  

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