5 Warm And Delicious Indian Desserts Which Makes Your Heart And Soul Feel Good

Indian Desserts

Dropping temperature and the urge to lap up warm and mouth-watering desserts is only rising. Local sweetshops are filled with everything you are craving for in these winters, not just to keep you warm but also to renew your romance with all those traditional Indian sweets that are always enjoyed in winters. 

These Halwas and Ladoos need your attention now, not just because they are delicious but also because they provide warmth during this chilly weather.

1) Gajar Ka Halwa

First thing which comes to our mind whenever we talk about winter sweets is Gajar ka Halwa. This is the reason we embrace the winters so well. Warm, sweet, loaded with Desi Ghee and dry fruits. It’s everything we want in our bowl. 

2) Chikki

Soaking in the winter’s sun with peanuts and chikki is such an iconic thing. Jaggery and lots of peanuts coming together gives you taste as well as warmth in these winters in a whole new perspective.

3) Jalebi and Kulhad Doodh 

We don’t really hesitate to grab these sweet syrup rings, and it’s pleasing to eat them piping hot when it’s freezing outside. They make a perfect combination with warm Kulhad ka Doodh infused with Saffron. 

4)Gond ke Ladoo

Generally people think gond ke ladoo is just a healthy medicinal sweet which is given to pregnant ladies or new mothers but it’s not true. This warming sweet is for everyone looking for a sweet treat in this chilly weather. These ladoos are packed with wheat flour, edible gum, sugar, desi ghee, melon seeds, cardamom and loaded with dry fruits, all these desserts will leave you asking for more.

5) Rabri

It is a sweet and condensed milk based dish, made by boiling milk on low flame for a long time until it becomes dense and changes its colour to off-white. Sugar, cardamom, and nuts are added to it to give it a flavour, then it is served hot in kulhad.

“Desserts are like a feel-good song and these ones surely make you dance” so just run towards your nearby local sweet shop and enjoy these delicious treats.

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