875 Members of Parliament have tested positive for Coronavirus

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A total of 2,847 Covid-19 tests were done at the Parliament complex before the Budget Session began on January 31.

At least 875 Members of Parliament, including Rajya Sabha chairperson and Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu, have tested positive for Covid-19 ahead of the Parliament’s Budget Session, which begins on January 31, according to the Parliament secretariat.

Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, the Vice-President, who is now in Hyderabad, tested positive for Covid today. He has resolved to spend a week in self-isolation. In a tweet on Sunday, Naidu’s secretariat said, “He has advised all those who came into contact with him to segregate themselves and be checked.” This is Naidu’s second time testing positive for the virus. 2,847 tests were done at the Parliament complex prior to the Budget Session, with 875 staff members testing positive. In light of a surge in Covid-19 cases, a decision on whether the Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament will sit simultaneously or in separate shifts is expected.

Omicron is rapidly displacing pre-existing coronavirus variations such as Alpha, Beta, and the deadly Delta around the world, prompting the World Health Organization’s technical head to warn that the variety is ‘efficiently transferred between humans.’ Omicron is less severe than Delta, but it can still cause the complete range of sickness seen in prior strains, according to WHO technical head Maria Van Kerkhove, who responded to a question at a program. 

“Many infected with Omicron experience the complete spectrum of disease, from asymptomatic infection to severe disease and death,” she said in response to a question about why people still ended up in the hospital or died. “Persons with underlying illnesses, advanced age, and people who are unvaccinated can develop a severe form of Covid-19 as a result of Omicron infection,” Kerkhove explained. “Omicron is exceeding Delta in terms of circulation, and it is extremely efficiently transmitted between people,” the WHO tech-head said in response to a question about whether everyone will eventually have Omicron.

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