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A gorgeous personality inside out- PranjalPatro

An interesting career path for many young women today is modelling. However, it is still not considered a very secure option against other more traditional areas of work. One woman changing this fact is PranjalPatro currently residing in Bhubaneswar,Odisha.

A person who is ready to work hard for the dreams and ambitions is someone who demands respect from others. The fact that PranjalPatro has been able to succeed in her modelling career that too at such a young age is proof of how hard she has work and how prudently she has applied her talents and resources to make the most out of all opportunities provided. Before she has even turned 23 years of age PranjalPatro has made a mark as one of the top models representing Odisha in today’s day and age. She is a matter of pride not only for her family but for her country as a whole. It therefore comes as No Surprise that PranjalPatro’s talent are being encouraged even further with her nomination in one of the top fashion shows of the Year known as Miss India International 2022. The show which will be held in Sri Lanka currently host PranjalPatro as a finalist. There are quite good chances of PranjalPatro ranking in the competition but either way there is no doubt about it that the young woman has made full use of the platform as a stepping stone to future projects and internationally pursued beauty pageants.For example, PranjalPatro has already appeared in a music video for the song JhipiJhipiBarsa, where she is starred alongside Subrat. The song, which was released on YouTube on the 5th of September, 2021, has already received over 5k views and is a good display of the model’s acting and dancing skills.

PranjalPatro is an inspiration for all those who are struggling to make it big against the opinions of others. She says that it is better to believe in yourself and succeed in your goals rather than letting others decide your life. She also urges building a community of people who will help and encourage your hobbies and desires as a form of support system for when the going gets hard.

Seeing so many options available in front of her it is now only a matter of time before PranjalPatro find global popularity in one way or the other. Till then make sure you support her and stay updated about her future accomplishments. Connect with PranjalPatro on Instagram @the_superstar_official

By TIS Staffer
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