Amreek Singh Grewal an Emerging Name in Indian-Punjabi Singer and Performer

Any Punjabi music lover would know Amreek Singh Grewal. He is among the emerging singers in Punjabi music. Amreek Grewal is also known as AR Grewal. He is not just a singer but also a performer who is known to woo a huge crowd of music lovers in his state and his stardom and popularity is soaring in the coming years. His inclination towards music has been in his life since during his teenage. He kept exploring music and performing on different Punjabi songs before he started performing on different platforms before making the mark in the industry. 

He kept on performing and coming up with different songs till he came with the one known as Sharab that gave him the recognition in the Punjabi Music industry. He is the handsome hunk who has come up with several songs that created a good buzz around his life on social media. His other songs include Do Akhan (Two Eyes), which bagged more than six million views on YouTube and other social media platforms. Another song – Nawaab also crossed 5 million views on YouTube. 
With several other songs, he had a similar kind of reception and the story for him of creating some mesmerizing goes on a higher side. One of the striking features of his song is the best location, cool lyrics and above all his voice that make his songs the instant hit over social media. These have also helped his popularity to soar on social media as well as getting millions of likes and fans over the social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook. He is currently busy on his next ventures, which are about to be released soon. This is just a start for the Punjabi Munda in the regional music, he is a player for a long run as he intends to keep his journey for long.

By TIS Staffer
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