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Arsh Khatri – Scaling newer heights with his extraordinary skills as a fashion influencer.

How often have we seen someone in their early twenties hold mastery over distinct fields and emerging successful in all? Very rare, isn’t it? But we have a few talented ones who have taken that extra step and scaled their career paths manifold, attaining humongous success at a fast pace. Arsh Khatri is one amongst them who has pushed himself to optimum limits and emerged as a successful professional in various diversified fields, especially in the world of fashion as a one-of-a-kind fashion influencer. Here’s more about this wonderful talent.

Arsh has been delving deep into diversified fields, and his interests in each have helped him lead a glorious career. He has extreme expertise in the fashion scene of the modern-day world, which has earned him many prestigious projects related to the fashion industry. His growing knowledge in fashion and upbeat fashion sense has catapulted his popularity well around the industry. The work that he has been churning out has impressed many across the industry, the reason he is the most sought after fashion artist and influencer at present.

As a fashion influencer, he has gained massive fan following online. His charming looks have also pushed him to try his luck in front of the camera as he has done a few modelling assignments which has won him wide acclaim. He says that he wants to be a part of the global fashion industry someday. Additionally, he is also a fashion designer, having done impressive work in the past. His list of accomplishments is so vast that it makes him all the more popular.

On achieving so much early in life, Arsh says that this is not all as he is aiming for much more going ahead which will surprise all. “This year people would see a lot more from my side, stay tuned,” says the young talent.

To know more, follow Arsh on Instagram – www.instagram.com/arsh_khatri30.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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