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As Seen On Team Infinity – Faisal Khan

Our health is an essential part of who we are as human beings, and maintaining it can be challenging. But staying fit helps us stay healthy in the body, but it also helps us stay healthy in mind.

Faisal Khan, a certified fitness coach, knows this well. He understands that we all need support to keep our bodies healthy and happy, and that’s why he launched Team Infinity three years ago with his co-founders.

Team Infinity offers a wide range of services for people in every stage of their fitness journey—from weight gain to weight loss training and cardio training to corporate fitness. They offer diet plans and strength building courses too.

Team Infinity isn’t just another gym—it’s a place where you can go for advice and help on your fitness journey no matter what stage you’re at. It is a place where you can reach your full potential and become the best version of yourself. “Our goal is to create a community of motivated and dedicated individuals to become better athletes. We want to help you achieve results that make you happy, healthy, and proud of yourself.” Says Faisal Khan

Team Infinity offers an array of services to help you achieve your goals. Whether it is weight loss, weight gain, strength training, or diet plans, they have covered it all. The fitness institute also provides corporate fitness solutions to help your employees stay fit and happy at work!

Faisal Khan is not only a fitness coach but also an athlete who has won several bodybuilding competitions. He recently came in third place at the Gour Classic India Expo 2021. He has also reached the top 10 finalists in Muscle Mania India bodybuilding show.

After graduating from university with an electrical engineering degree, Faisal decided to pursue his fitness training and bodybuilding passion full-time. He began by completing a certificate course for bodybuilding before entering competitions.

Faisal Khan’s dedication to his craft shows through his consistent achievements over the years. With his everlasting efforts and passion for bodybuilding, he trains hard to improve his skills and achieve more as a fitness coach and athlete.


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