Backagaindancer Manish sharma, explains why dancing is the best form of expression

Manish Sharma

Creativity is a constantly changing amalgamation of the cerebral and emotional, physical and spiritual, which makes subjectivity a virtue. It provides a unique opportunity for us to investigate ourselves and our place in the world, as well as a tool to communicate with others about what we see, feel, think, and experience. Individuals and groups may use art to bring up discourse within and between themselves.

Dance is an overflowing art form that belongs to the ‘performance arts,’ a goal in and of itself, and a way for a person to communicate his or her emotional states, ideas, and feelings. Dance is an organic way of self: the body, like the soul, reveals itself spontaneously.

We contacted Manish Sharma, a freestyle popping dancer, after reading about dance and wanting to understand how it is a method of self-expression. Backagaindancer HomeEntertainment & Pop CultureDance on YouTube. He tells us about it and shares it with us “Regardless of our specific circumstances, we are all free willed individuals. Our bodies show how free they are via dancing, while simultaneously underlining the limitations that our thoughts place on them.”

Choreography makes use of the human form, and any art form that is linked to the human form will convey a human tale whether or not you aim to tell one. When seeing someone move on stage, audiences instinctively discern emotion and sentiment.

Many experiments have been carried out in order to identify the essential parts of movements that express various emotions. Some studies have incorporated brain scans that indicate which parts of the brain light up when people view emotional expressions.

Dancing is one of the most open and liberated methods to express emotions. Movement is a vital aspect in expressing oneself, thus communication is not confined to words alone.

Manish explained to us “People of all ages may benefit from dance and creative movement, but there has lately been a spike in teaching youngsters about the advantages of this art form.”

 Dance is said to benefit people in the following ways:

1.Boost your self-assurance

2.Develop a positive sense of self-worth

3.Improve your problem-solving abilities.

4.When kids work in a group, they learn to cooperate and recognise diversity in individuals and cultures.

5.Spontaneity, leadership, and self-control are all skills that may be learned.

6.Boost your imagination

Mr Sharma, hails from Gurugram, Haryana. This Haryana boy started his journey professionally from the age of 18 but he was keen and very attached to dance from his childhood.His day is incomplete without practising his sets.

He also shared something with us. Dancing makes me joyful and comfortable, therefore I enjoy doing it. At my school, I usually participated in dance contests and have even won a few.Dance has always been a love of mine since I was a child. My parents noticed my ability for dancing when I started tapping my feet to the beats of a dance routine. Even when I’m depressed, I turn on music and dance to release my emotions.

While we glanced through his videos, we even asked him about his dream. He wants to be a well-known popping dancer so that he could showcase freestyle popping dancing across the world.

Check him out right now by clicking the link and remember to subscribe.

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