Dear Men, watch out for these things as these Everyday Bad Habits may lower your Sperm Count

Lower Sperm Count

Yes, we are also aware of the fact that Sperm is regularly produced and you won’t run of it but then what about the Sperm Count? For those who don’t know what actually is Sperm Count, it is a measure of the number of spermatozoa per ejaculation or per measured amount of semen, used as an indication of a man’s fertility. Keeping things short and crisp, Sperm Count is basically an indicator of how healthy the sperm of a man is and how fertile a man is. Born as a male, you certainly have an evolutionary edge over women (sorry ladies). You are maturing new sperm every day whereas women are born with a finite number of eggs. So, unlike the eggs, sperm production is likely to get affected by a plethora of factors including changing lifestyle habits.

Lower Sperm Counts drastically reduces your fertility and further reduce your chance of becoming a father.  A study that was done in 2017 that analyzed sperm samples from nearly 43,000 men from around the globe over a few decades found that sperm counts have dropped by more than half over the last four decades. There is ample information and misinformation on the WWW (World Wide Web) out there about the causes of male infertility; the ability to become a father of a child. We try to debunk the falsehood around myths and tell you what are the everyday bad habits that may be lowering your Sperm Count.

1. You are wearing Tight Underwear

In a recently concluded research, it is found that a man’s choice of underwear can really have an impact on his sperm. It was found that men who prefer boxer shorts had a 25 percent higher sperm concentration, and 17 percent higher sperm count compared to men who wore tight underwear. It is also said boxers as compared to underwear, can drastically increase your sperm count because for the sole reason- Heat and body temperature. The body’s internal temperature of 98.6°F is too hot for sperm production so by allowing the scrotum to hang out, the scrotum keeps the sperm a few degrees cooler eventually increasing the sperm count. While on the other hand, too much heat can lower sperm count so tight clothing and underwear that keep testicles closer to body heat, affect the sperm count.

2. Booze! (Alcohol)

Yes, we understand that most of you like to party, and with the party comes Alcohol but are you aware of the fact that Alcohol be it Whisky, Rum or Vodka is reducing your fertility. Yes, you heard it right. Alcohol, in large quantities, can affect the ability of the testes to produce sperm. Regular heavy drinking affects your fertility by lowering testosterone levels and increasing estrogen levels which significantly reduces sperm production. Addicted men are at a huge risk for a number of fertility-related side effects, including low libido and reduced sperm count. So, to all the men worried about their sperm count- drink within limits to avoid lower sperm count and production.

3. Stress and Depression

Well, it is tough to ascertain the actual effects of Stress and Depression due to their subjective nature, but in general, fertility experts recommend men should avoid these. Research conducted at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health found that men who feel stressed are more likely to have lower concentrations of sperm, the simple reason being stress and depression leads to increased levels of glucocorticoid that can have a negative effect on the production of testosterone and sperm. Further, it is said that taking anti-anxiety medications or antidepressants to overcome stress and depression can worsen the situation. 

4. Radiation from Mobiles and Laptops

Radiation is indeed modern-day cancer as it has many side effects on the human body, one being it negatively affects your reproductive system by lowering sperm production. Portable electronic devices like laptops and smartphones that are kept in your jeans and trouser pockets generate heat which raises the temperature of the testicles over time. Generally people these days keep their laptops around their lap and the heat and radiation generated from laptops harm the testicles and as we mentioned earlier, temperature and heat do play an important role in sperm production and sperm count. So, avoid placing your laptop or smartphone in and around your jeans pocket.

Now that you are aware of the bad habits that can cost you in the future, we hope you start working on all this and live a healthy life. 

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