Dear Men, with love, Happy International Men’s Day!

International Men's Day

Men are appreciated, they are cared about, they are loved, and they are surely taught how to be the best man on almost every occasion of their lives. But guess what, it is only on International Men’s Day, that they are made to realize their significance as a crucial part of society. 

When we generally read articles about men or men’s day, we often come across comparisons on how there are so many days for a lady, but so less for a man. Or how, if women are so important then so is a man and the most prominent one- ‘Mard ko dard nahi hota’. It is about time that we realize that men’s day is so much more than that. It is a day to celebrate our men and accept them for who they are. With all their funky hairstyles, at times odd dressing sense, messed up socks, and that little emotional heart, they are our men and they are very important to us.

Being a woman and writing this article made me realize so much. When I sat to think about what I could express, I realized how mercilessly we have been treating the other gender. How easily we blame them for every wrong that possibly happens in our lives while for most of it, they have been nothing but exceptional support on the journey of our growth. Let us take this moment and appreciate them for everything they are and so much more. 

From how they pretend to be tough as a rock in every situation yet how they feel terrified at the mere thought of losing someone to how they get all excited like a kid when any Marvel movie releases its trailer, it is beautiful to see so many emotions surfacing in just a few seconds. The exceptional passion their voice beholds while they talk to someone they love or they do something they care about, their carefree laugh that is enough to make the whole room light up when they put out their not-so-good humor trying to be the Chandler Bing of our lives, it is all that makes being around them so much more lively. And, not only that, but the ‘brocode’ boys follow in friendship is exceptionally thoughtful and promising and makes the whole concept so much more powerful. How they rush to the rescue of their friend irrespective of their time or the workload they might be in makes me a total advocate of male friendships. The baby voice they imitate while playing with kids is something that undeniably will make you tilt your head and look at them in awe and how while they play a video game, nothing in the world can take away their attention, ‘like what is it about, boys?’, we need to know now!

I can endlessly go on and on about so many times when I have seen a man in his purest form and it just makes me feel how blessed I am to be surrounded by males who do not fear to express, to love, to care, and make the world a better and very interesting place to live. Men, from your rolled-up sleeves to your every minute of fixing hair, to your subtle smiles and each drop of hard work you put in to make your life a success, we just want you to know that even ‘phenoMENal’ has Men in it, isn’t that a hint enough?

Happy International Men’s Day to all of you, with or without a beard!

On this day, A PR Tech Firm, Savin Communication has poured their heart out for all men through their super educating reel.

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