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Dimpy Udhani’s Self-help book ‘Unstoppable You – Declutter your route to purpose

Each one of us has had a weak moment at some point in our life where we start questioning everything from our existence to our life’s purpose. On those days all we need is a person to tell us that it’s okay to feel this way and that our feelings are completely valid. However, on some days when you don’t have anyone around and for those days Dimpy Udhani’s book ‘Unstoppable You- Declutter your route to purpose ’ acts as a savior.

Dimpy Udhani aims to help and guide individuals to understand the deep reasons that are stopping them from becoming extraordinary person through her writing. The book addresses many questions like ‘What is the purpose of life? Do we even need to look for our purpose? What obstacles stop us from living a life of purpose? How do we kick those obstacles and redefine ourselves? How to live a life of Purpose?’

The author believes that every individual is gifted, unique, and is meant to do great things in life but these gifts cannot be surfaced unless a person learns how to break through the circumstances, hidden fears, and reasons which they believe are real. She captures many aspects of the same in her Book – Unstoppable You – Declutter your route to purpose. She shares this understanding through the means of various stories which a person can relate to in their life and bring a change in life. Dimpy Udhani shifted from an ordinary employee to a high-paying employee and author of the book who aims to bring transformation and shift in people’s life.

Talking about her book Dimpy Udhani said, “In my life I had seen many people who are destined to do wonders but unfortunately they are confused and are unable to find the right path. The aim to write ‘Unstoppable You – Declutter your route to purpose’ was to help people who are trying to find the purpose and meaning of life. Even if I’m able to bring change in ten people’s life, I will feel like my purpose is fulfilled and my heart will be full. “

Dimpy Udhani is on a mission to help lakhs of individuals shift from a survival mentality to thrive mentality because she believes that each one of us is meant to do extraordinary things and nothing less.


By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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