Divesh Gupta, an impeccable ace in digital marketing

Divesh Gupta, an impeccable ace in digital marketingDivesh Gupta, an impeccable ace in digital marketing

Digital marketing is booming and growing at a very fast pace. It has replaced the traditional marketing. The industry is developing everyday and has reached the net worth of $330–340 billion in 2020. Unlike traditional marketing, the digital marketing needs lesser investment and provide better reach to a targeted audience. It is way less polluting and creates better response for the brand. It provides a direction to the brand. Today, most of the small businesses and larger unicorns use the digital marketing tactics to grow further.

Divesh Gupta is a rising star of digital market industry. Divesh along with his partner Waqar Ahmed found the fastest growing digital marketing platform “Neusul”. 

Divesh has been a prodigy since he was in school, he was able to crack multiple skills in computer and technology. He has always been passionate about making an unforgettable image in the world. Born in 1996, the young entrepreneur is an expert in Google Analytics, Facebook ads, SEO & website traffic management. After completing his education, Divesh decided to follow his passion and get into business but he had no idea where to start. He worked under many business entrepreneurs in the digital marketing industry to learn the tactics. Unlike many skill based professions there are not many courses provided in this field which makes it difficult for newbies to learn and understand the market. With his agility and high spirit he gained an expertise in the arena. 

On January 1st 2021 Divesh and Waqar established their company “Neusul” which immediately became a successful venture. In this world where everyone is seeking success, it has become rather difficult to be on top but Divesh has proved them that when you are consistent and passionate about your goals there is nothing that can stop you. 

Divesh has also planned to install free online courses for the young generation so they can pursue their dreams. There are many who want to pull you down, but people like Divesh want to succeed so that they can help others which is very rare.

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