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Fashion Model Jaspreet Singh acing the realm with his impeccable skills

The path is still not simple or easy if you have what it takes to fit in the cutthroat fashion and modeling industry. One of the most challenging career choices comprises of Fashion Industry and modeling agencies. Those with a young heart and just the right attitude for it can achieve a big name and glory. From an early age, we anticipate our career options, discover, and explore; while some people achieve the right field they want to pursue, others have a hard time finding it. Every model has to carve a niche for themselves in the industry to become modeling tycoons.

Models aren’t about perfect looks and features, but just a little bit of sass and glamour in the right direction may benefit your cause. A Model introduces brands and accessories and is associated with the fashion industry integrally. A model’s life consists of photo shoots, ramp walks, endorsing products, and posing for designer clothes. One such aspiring model and photographer is Jaspreet Singh, who has been hunting to be a model since 17.

Jaspreet started posing in front of the cameras from an early age; he was motivated to become a successful model, taking inspiration from many different fashion influencers and their growing popularity. He then explored Photography as an occupation when he started clicking professional wedding photos with a simultaneous interest in modeling. Singh spotted his keen interest in modeling because he followed many popular models and wanted a similar lifestyle. Jaspreet was even confined to fraud many times when he was promised a conventional shoot; after facing the backlash, he discovered he had been cheated by fake agents.

When asked about his fashion career, Jaspreet Singh said, “I have always given my hundred percent in pursuing my profession. Even after facing rejections and negative insights, I never stopped being who I am. Modeling has been difficult and surprising simultaneously, and that’s what I love about it. Fashion inspires me; people who represent the fashion industry stimulate such confidence in me, and I know I am cut out to be a fashion model; it offers challenges on a daily basis that can keep me on my toes and always make me work for more.” Further asked about his photography dream, Jaspreet mentioned his enthusiasm for it, “Photography is such an amazing occupation. It has so much to offer as a professional. I have learned a lot about how to click a photo that brings out the best in a person’s personality. The art of Photography is worth working for. Clicking photos has been a big part of my career, and I will continue to do so.”

Becoming the face of a brand is a huge milestone that only a few cross; modeling has its ups and downs, but a photographer captures art; pros don’t have to learn a certain skill; it’s an inborn ability to capture a view that’s worth a million dollars. But Jaspreet Singh, with his impeccable talent, is also an art enthusiast and will hopefully make it to the top.


By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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