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Feeling of love prevails in air as Valentine’s week hits benches

Valentine's DayCredit: Country Living Magazine

Now that February has arrived, the festival of love is rapidly approaching. Valentine’s Day, a day of love and passion, will be here very soon, bringing with it excitement, joy, and promises. The week leading up to Valentine’s Day, on the other hand, is no less thrilling, as each day features a different facet of love expression, with one of them even dedicated to people who want to propose to their significant other! 

Valentine’s Day commemorates Saint Valentine’s death anniversary, which occurred in February in the year 270 AD. However, many people believe that the celebrations stem from the church’s attempt to ‘Christianize’ the Roman Lupercalia festival, which was dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, as well as the Roman founders Romulus and Remus. To help you understand the significance of each day of the week, here is a list of them all:

Day 1: Rose Day

Rose Day is more than simply a day for lovers. Couples are the only ones who don’t give roses to their partners on Rose Day. Giving roses to friends and loved ones is another way to commemorate Rose Day. If you’re presenting roses to someone other than your lover, though, make sure you pick the right color. Rose blossoms come in a variety of colors. Each hue rose, however, has its own meaning.

Day 2: Propose Day

Although proposals can be made at any time, Propose Day is observed on the second day of Valentine’s Week. This is a wonderful time for lovers to express their love.

Day 3: Chocolate Day

On this day, people give their loved ones their favorite chocolate. Chocolates in various patterns and flavors are now available on the market. People express their affection for their partners by presenting chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

Day 4: Teddy Day

Teddy Day is extremely popular among teenagers. As soon as Valentine’s Week begins, the market is flooded with small and large teddy bears. In this case, you can also give your partner a teddy on this day.

Day 5: Promise Day

People promise their partners to remain together and love one other for the rest of their lives on this day, which deepens their bond even further.

Day 6: Hug Day

When it comes to communicating your sentiments for someone you love, contact is crucial. Touch can also be used to show affection to your lover. Touch can sometimes be more important than words. You can also display your affection by hugging your partner in this moment.

Day 7: Kiss Day

Kiss day, the seventh day of this love week is all about expressing your sentiments through kissing. On this day, one can demonstrate their love by kissing their lover on the forehead, kissing their hands, or kissing their lips.

Day 8: Valentine’s Day 

For couples, this is a very significant day. Couples spend time with each other on this day, planning surprises for each other or going for a walk. In addition, on this day, people present gifts to their lovers.

The month of love and romance brings forth a tremendous of enthusiasm and expectations. It is not only a time to look forward to spending time with loved ones, but it is also an ideal time to arrange the perfect date, pop the question, and show love. The devoted day of love, however, is more than what meets the eye.

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