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From modelling to medicine- Dhvani Shailesh Patel can do it all

Being a model in today’s day and age is no joke. There is endless competition not to mention unrealistic body standards and a never-ending demand for something new and intriguing. It is for this reason that the modelling industry is considered to be one of the most toxic work environments for those pursuing it over a longer period of time. However, while surviving in this industry is difficult in itself Dhvani Shailesh Patel, a 26-year-old from Bardoli Gujarat has gone above and beyond what is expected from her by pursuing a Bachelors in Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery at the same time. A happening course and one that is equally as helpful as a doctorate in medicine Dhvani is a true multitasking genius.

While many would consider trying to take on both career paths together as sheer stupidity Dhvani has done herself as well as her parents proud by succeeding in both aspects of her life. She passed her degree from the Parul University of Baroda with flying colours and is also known for winning the title of Glamup Fashion Walk India 2022 an annual fashion show held by renowned training Centre Glamup Modelling Academy. What’s even more fascinating is the fact that Dhvani is a finalist for Miss India International 2022 which will be held in Sri Lanka where she was representing her hometown of Gujarat. As the name suggests, this is definitely a great opportunity for any aspiring supermodel and for Dhvani to have bagged this chance so early on in her professional career is truly a testimony to how good she is at what she does. Yet the end is nowhere near. Considering she is quite young Dhvani has decided to bank in on her good looks while using her discretion to invest her time and effort into another high returns industry of acting. While she does not have the time right now to pick up any new projects Dhvani aspires to soon make her name in the Indian entertainment industry.

Working hard day and night Dhvani has exceeded the expectations set not only by others but also by herself. She is not only the daughter of her parents Shailesh Bhai Mahendra Bhai Patel and Asha Ben Shailesh Bhai Patel and the sister of Maushmi Patel but a daughter of her home country of India. Dhvani is now inspiring women all across the nation to follow in her footsteps and actively work on turning their passion into their profession. Be sure to support and encourage Dhvani Shailesh Patel by staying updated about her future accomplishments. Connect with her on:

Instagram: drdhvani4

Facebook: dhvanipatel

By TIS Staffer
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