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Am I the only one who feels as though Ramadan 2021 was only yesterday? Ramadan always comes and goes so quickly; before you know it, everyone is once again preparing their hearts and their homes for the Holy Month, Subhanallah! Only a few days remain before we settle into our Ramadan routines. We all welcome this month in our own special ways, whether it’s through cooking delicious food or visiting the masjid.

It’s been a very different few years than most. As a result of COVID-19, everything was mostly virtual, making Ramadan feel a little down. During the blessed month, many people were cooped up in their homes and separated from their loved ones, which affected the overall experience. Despite the difficulty, many of us adapted to a new virtual lifestyle: with lectures available at the touch of a finger, podcasts and videos, and a whole new DoorDash and UberEats lifestyle in place, we realized how truly blessed we are to be able to experience Ramadan in the comfort of our own homes. In this regard, we became aware of how easy it is for us to access everything, while some of our brothers and sisters abroad cannot enjoy this luxury. Although it was different, it was not in any way inferior. Throughout the last few years, Ramadan has truly reminded us how blessed we are.

As the pandemic has slowed down, we are excited to welcome Ramadan in our Masjid, in our homes, and in our communities…because Ramadan is the most blissful when we come together in prayer, fasting, and feasting; there is a sense of unity among the Ummah and it is a whole other environment when you have family, friends, and even strangers participate in the Holy Month with you.

It is my hope that this month, as we transition to in-person events, you will have a sense of strengthened Iman, increased Dawah, tons of Barakah, and an outpouring of love for God and His blessings, Inshallah. Ramadan Kareem! Here’s to an amazing Ramadan. Bless those in need around the world during this holy month. Share your plate and feed your soul! Provide iftar for a family today with HHRD’s Global Ramadan Food Program at


By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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