HHRD – The International Day of Solidarity for Palestinian People

HHRD - The International Day of Solidarity for Palestinian People

In calling for the observance of this day, the United Nations hoped to provide an opportunity for the international community to focus on Palestine while its citizens continue to struggle for self-determination and the right to return home after being displaced since 1967. HHRD’s Middle East and North Africa (MENA) office has been providing assistance to Palestinian refugees in Jordan since it was founded in 2013. In addition, they have continued to assist refugees in neighboring Lebanon and Turkey. As a result of ongoing civil unrest, the HHRD MENA has provided both long-term and short-term programs as well as emergency relief services to Palestinians who have been internally displaced as well as those who have become refugees over the years. Among these programs are orphan support, food packages, home maintenance, emergency relief, in-kind gift distribution, Ramadan, Qurbani, and winter relief programs, as well as educational support and infrastructure development.

The majority of Palestinian refugees reside in 10 camps in Jordan, with Al Baqa’a camp near Amman and Gaza camp in Jerash being the most crowded. There is an urgent need for essentials such as food, water, medicine, education, and home maintenance. Team members of HHRD MENA serve these families daily, witnessing their heartbreaking struggles. HHRD MENA social organizer Ahmad Alhaj Naser regularly visits the Jerash camp and shares his reflections on his time there. Naseer visited a family living in an abandoned house leading a poor and miserable life. They had no food that day. HHRD’s Home Renovation project helped them build a room, kitchen, and walkway in their house to make it more livable. “I feel like I am in heaven now, my home is better now,” the father said after finishing the project. If this is life now, how will it be in heaven?”. The joy Naser felt that day was indescribable, and that moment will live on forever in his heart.

These challenging conditions have a deeply negative impact on Palestinian refugee children. A touch of sadness resides in their eyes as HHRD team members travel through the camps. But there is also hope when you see them playing simple games to entertain themselves. The children spend most of their free time studying and sometimes playing because they know education is the key to their success and a better life. We took Naser and a delegation to the Gaza camp to visit Umm Muhammad, a refugee mother of an orphan we sponsor. Her son Muhammad was asked what he most wished for. As he whispered, “I wish I could eat a whole Shawarma meal by myself.” All those present burst into tears because it was just something as simple as eating a sandwich. Muhammad was extremely happy that day after team members bought sandwiches for his entire family

Refugees in these camps face a new burden and suffering every day. The daily journey of worrying begins at night with thoughts on how to secure money for rent, food, medicine, transportation, and many other needs. However, despite these circumstances there remains hope for a better life. Palestinian refugees are sending their supporters messages of hope, an ambition for a better future, and a request for additional help and support in order to meet their needs and eliminate obstacles. Naser believes that what motivates him to work with refugees in camps is the psychological comfort he feels when he sees a smile on their faces after we have helped them or relieved their suffering. Please visit our Palestine Relief page and make a lasting impact in the lives of those who need it most on this International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. Giving the gift of love and hope can change the trajectory of their lives; you open doors of opportunity they might not have thought existed. To learn more about our programs and services, visit the website.

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