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IT Expert Rahul Rathi, Transforms Lives in Tinwari Village, Rajasthan

Rahul Rathi

Prior to the pandemic, India has made a gradual transition to digital instruments. After demonetization, the education sector began to use elements of online education, the health sector began to investigate telemedicine and IVR systems, financial institutions began to use online banking, local stores began to accept cashless transactions, and instant messaging and social media platforms had already become popular avenues for mass messaging.

However, it is clear that the vast majority of Indian citizens lack digital literacy, and for those that do, online safety is a bizarre concept. Language and accessibility difficulties, as well as a lack of data and infrastructure, exacerbate the situation. Social obstacles and systemic inequity play a crucial role in this – even today, people in rural India own far fewer smartphones than people living in cities.

Rahul Rathi, a 19-year-old boy from a tiny village in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur district, has outperformed his IT expertise to serve humanity. He’s become a digital resource for the thousands of people surrounding him, as well as officials from several government departments in his home area, to help them navigate the ever-evolving digital ecosystem of e-governance.

He assists all government schools in his neighborhood in maintaining and managing Shala Darpan, a dynamic database management platform that keeps information about all government schools and education offices online and updated on a regular basis. Furthermore, he provides free assistance to rural school students in filling out registration forms for board examinations.

Rahul Rathi says, “After discovering that the dropout rate in government schools is significantly higher than the enrolment rate, I frequently travel to villages throughout Rajasthan to educate and encourage parents and kids about the importance of education. I assist them with the board exam registration procedure and provide all digital assistance, which is still a foreign idea to many of them.”

Even during the Corona pandemic, Rahul devoted his courage and virtue to the service of humanity by assisting thousands of poor people in self-registering at the Co-Win portal and assisting them in securing access to hospitals.

“I’ve seen individuals, particularly villages, struggle in the digital space, with little or no knowledge of smartphones, government portals, and so on… I’m only 19 years old, but I have competence with IT solutions, so I figured I could assist them in navigating the online world’s complexities. During the pandemic, I helped thousands of villagers. It wasn’t a miracle, but while helping them in saving their lives through the digital media, I realized that with my set of skills, I can assist millions of individuals who still lack digital literacy.” He adds.

Furthermore, Rahul has access to a Facebook-approved portal through which he may resolve any social media-related issues such as account hacking, data piracy, or any other legal issue that may harm users. He offers free social media services to the general public as well as several well-known politicians of Rajasthan.

Furthermore, Rahul is a web designer and app developer who has designed multiple websites for various social organizations. To make ends meet, Rahul works as an IT professional for a number of prominent politicians and also serves as their political advisor.

Communities in rural places frequently require young people like Rahul Rathi to deploy and supplement digital tools for good because digital services are not universally disseminated.

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