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Know about young and dynamic women entrepreneur Shilpa Bhatt Bahuguna

Shilpa Bhatt Bahuguna

Taking giant strides in the F&B industry as an passionate and driven entrepreneur, Shilpa Bhatt Bahuguna exudes sheer talent.

Gone are the days of conventional and traditional modes of business doing, which dictated the terms of “slow and steady wins the race,” fast forward today, the mantra of business is “rule in the 5th gear.” It is one of the best hallmarks of this current century that dynamic changes within the business world has been accepted by the masses and incorporated well within majority of the systems. The next gen customer is supposed to be more net savvy than before and more adaptable to latest cutting-edge technologies and advancements. So it become a mandate for the new set of entrepreneurs to be on their toes always providing them with creative and new products and services. We met one extremely driven and passionate women entrepreneur from India who is flourishing as an ace professional in various niches of the business world- Shilpa Bhatt Bahuguna.

Shilpa Bhatt Bahuguna who hails from Dehradun, Uttarakhand is an proud owner of her food brand “Pizza Italia – Be a pizzatarian” which has attracted tremendous fan following among food lovers through their unique and wide variety of finger licking pizzas. Their mouth-watering pizzas have catapulted in enabling Shilpa to open 8 more outlets across different locations. Shilpa also owns 2 more restaurants named “Idli Bar” and “Angrezi Beat” with also caters to many different catering businesses as well. All of the food joints owned by Shilpa have been extremely famous not only in Dehradun but also across the country. With an view to further reaching wider audiences, Shilpa is planning out to reach every nook and corner of the country taking her brand ahead nationally as well as in international markets.

Shilpa, who was a journalist by profession earlier, turned tables and made amends to rise through the challenging entrepreneurial world. Spiraling her way to the top in the business world through her innate ideas and ventures, Shilpa has been instrumental in making special place and niche for himself in the F&B industry. Being inclined towards starting her own ventures and with an inner drive to excel at the highest levels of  the entrepreneurial world, Shilpa knew she had to go the extra mile to prove her prowess and emerge as a true winner, and she hasn’t disappoint at all!

With a view to provide maximum employment and create more work opportunities for people, Shilpa hustles hard to bring the right talent on table and help them with their livelihood. Even during the testing times of the global pandemic, Shilpa went out of her way to help people provide with basic necessities, providing food to millions.

We hope Shilpa continues to motivate other millions of women entrepreneurs across the globe. For more information, follow her on Instagram @shilpa_active.    

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