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Marathi couple Known for Vlogs Has Returned With a Saga of Brand New Content!

While it might feel like just yesterday but, 2015 was 7 years ago! And in these seven years how things have changed. Back then, vlogging on YouTube was just gaining popularity, previously content creators had been boxed into their niches but slowly with better and more handy cameras people could showcase snippets of their daily lives and bring us along on whatever ride they were on.

 Now, vlogging is a mainstay on all social media sites and everyone up to billionaires and a-list celebrities publish vlogs. And why wouldn’t they?! Vlogs are a great way to engage with your audience and is an outlet to express yourself authentically.

 And Indian content creators are in step with vlogging, all social media platforms have a host of talented Indian vloggers but what you might not know is that one couple had brought vlogging to the mainstream in our country back in 2015 !

 Prasad and Deepika Vedpathak – who go by their adorable moniker “Prasika” – set up WTV [Weekly Tuesday Vlogs] on their youtube channel ‘Ur IndianConsumer’ 2015 which later manifested into a channel known as ‘UICVlogs’. It was the first famous lifestyle and family vlog channel of the country; the couple used to share tidbits of their lives and their sweet chemistry ,down-to-earth relatability was endearing, which attracted a lot of viewers and praise.

 Prasad and Deepika had tied the knot that same year and the banter and love between the newlyweds made waves across the internet quickly winning the hearts of thousands of people. Another highlight in Prasika’s journey was their success on TikTok (before the Chinese app was banned) where they became overnight stars with their relatable TikTok videos in Marathi. Marathi-speakers and surprisingly non-marathis all loved this real couple and their bubbly nature.

 For five years, the couple reigned on YouTube and social media with their vlogs and viral content. In 2020, they decided to take a hiatus from public life and stepped back to grow and enjoy life in private. Referring to a burnout, Prasad had once again won the hearts of people by showing a real side to being a content creator. The couple stayed in touch with their audiences through social media updates and interaction.

 Earlier this couple pivoted their content from Consumerism/ Tech to Lifestyle and reality now this couple has smartly pivoted their content once again, and have been cooking up a storm with their videos on food, cooking and comedy. This is a new direction from their previous run as a reality vlog channel but audiences have been loving it nonetheless! Filming ticklish shorts and showcasing tasty foods couples have struck a chord in people’s hearts once again.

 Do check their reels on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/prasika_official/


By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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